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What's so bad about samsung?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by daivik, May 9, 2011.

  1. daivik

    daivik Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Just been browsing the forums (xda and phandroid) mainly and it's come to my attention that some people really despise Samsung and find then utterly useless at support/updates? and there's epic trust issues and hatred of them...

    I always though Samsung are a well respected brand...

    What am I missing?



  2. qwer

    qwer Member

    Their last flagship, Galaxy S waited forever to get OS updates in the US. It did get updates pretty fast everywhere else, though. I believe the phone had some other issues, too, like a file system that made the phone lag and bad GPS. A lot of people disliked their custom UI, too.

    I personally would trust Samsung enough to buy a phone from them and I believe SGS2 will be the phone to beat this year. But I do understand the frustration American SGS owners experienced waiting for the software updates.
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  3. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    Right now they are world's most powerful, successfuly electronics company, which used to be Sony or Toshiba not so long ago. Some folks simply don't like that fact. And some people just love to hate them because it makes them looking somewhat cool or intelligent. Not that Samsung is without any faults but they receive ton of hates even for things not exactly their faults.
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    KING LUFF Well-Known Member

    Our US friends need to understand that it isn't Samsung, it's the operators. Unfortunately (to my knowledge) it's hard to get an unlocked phone over the pond and i feel for them
  5. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    I don't know about that. It's more likely the lackadaisical approach Samsung took on the Galaxy S: crappy file system, poor GPS performance, half-baked UI. And it was a mixed bag with the great Hummingbird processor and Super AMOLED display. I love Samsung as an electronics company, and personally I'm glad to see Sony fade to the background in comparison. Samsung has transformed themselves into a premium brand that has maintained good value. Sony's electronics became ho-hum but still carry an inflated price tag.
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  6. daivik

    daivik Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    This is kind of off topic but why do some not like TouchWiz in comparison to Sense?

    Sense might "animation wise" look better. But TouchWiz has the hubs (which can be removed) and the FB - contact integration <----can someone confirm that please?

    So why is there so much hate when the only real difference is the menu and the bottom of the home screens in which TW has icons and Sense the curvy bar?
  7. bonerp

    bonerp Android Expert

    I don't like the fact that touch wiz cant sort apps alphabetically in the app screens. Used Kies yesterday and its dog slow too. Gave up in the end - it was quite a frustrating experience.

    I DON'T beleiev Samsung are at the top of their game either, nor are they the worlds best and most successful electronics company.

    I have bought this phone and there are issues.

    I also have their flagship 3D tv and there are considerable problems with that, and have been since october. Plenty of users are experiencing poor service, few updates and those we do receive dont fix problems.

    Why did I buy the SGS2 then, you ask....because there have also been failings with my DHD in terms of appalling battery life and thats what drove me to change - people say this is down to usage or apps. Shouldn't the OS pick up on these problems or shouldnt the market test apps before they are released? I don't see that its my responsibility to identify shortcomings in Android or problems in developers apps! this should be covered to protect Android consumers. I don't have a rooted phone so why do these failings occur?

    I spent
  8. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You

    Lets not forget the whole galaxy portal/spica thing, that took forever and a bit to get an update from 1.5 to 2.1. Lots of owners were furious about the lack of support, hence why so many people updated via odin, they got sick of waiting.

    Samsung seem to have sidestepped this issue with releasing the GS2 with 2.3, but it would be interesting to see how long after 2.4 is released, it is before you can get it as an OTA or KIES/NPS update.
  9. robhs

    robhs Well-Known Member

    I used to feel that way. I have a Samsung LCD television, and I am very happy with it.
    My attitude drastically changed when I got my Captivate. Random shutdowns, absolutely useless GPS, horrible lag, and the delay of promised updates and fixes. Samsung was completely apathetic towards their customers problems with this phone. It became obvious to me that this phone was released before it was ready.:mad:
  10. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    This started long before the Galaxy S was released, they refused to update one of the older Android phones which didn't go down well after they said they would, Samsung shifted focus to the Galaxy S and kind of forgot about them/ignored them.

    Now add all the US users who whine about having to wait a little longer for froyo than international users and than add to that all the fanboys, you have quite allot of users who don't like Samsung.

    I buy phones for the hardware not software upates, even if the Galaxy S never received an update I would have still bought the Galaxy S II, no software update will give another phone the SAMOLED Plus display, 1.2GHz Cortex A9 or Mali 400MP GPU.
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  11. daivik

    daivik Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Completely agree with the hardware. Thinness has never been a ":-O deal maker" but seems like I'd be getting best of both in the case of the GSII
  12. Gibbyson

    Gibbyson Well-Known Member

    The U.S. specific issues IRT the SGS were completely the fault of the carriers IMO. I hold nothing against samsung for the froyo delay. The GPS issues i never experienced, so no grudge against sammy from me.
  13. trick202

    trick202 Android Expert

    HTC had a similar issue with the Hero (which I bought on release). I wasn't going to trust them again, but went for a Desire 9 or 10 months later. Update was slow to arrive on that device too - but not as blatantly as the Hero.

    I think, on the whole, it's getting better across the board for all manufacturers.

    The standard reposte is: if you want the updates on the dot - get a nexus phone.
  14. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    Yep, it's win win as far as I'm concerned, you might have to wait a little bit longer for updates but users make a huge deal out of updates most of us don't need.

    The only real benefit from 2.1 to 2.2 was flash support, I'm still trying to work out why we need 2.3 on the Galaxy S.
  15. daivik

    daivik Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    off topic but...

    wow. this forum is so much more balanced than xda. It's still awesome to go on and participate in. but there it's more or like (in a subtle undertone) "HTC ALL THE WAY....everything else is CRAP!!" :p
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  16. Gibbyson

    Gibbyson Well-Known Member

    haha, that's kinda why i stay away from that place (for the most part), though i troll a bit, and appreciate what they do . I am not really biased towards anyone. I bought samsung phones before they were cool even, just cause i thought they were good phones, hell i even had an HP Ipaq back in the day, cause i thought they did it right. :)
  17. GaryColeman

    GaryColeman Well-Known Member

    Yeah, a little lower level of tech savvy here. Folks keep it pretty friendly focusing on phone style as opposed to internals.
  18. Ih4teKies

    Ih4teKies Member

    Also fact that HTC used to "rule" Android space but Samsung kind of took over. Some people just can't take that.

    Re: OT Samsung is more than just a company, they are the world's largest Electronics company and have a massive patents stock. Therefore it is normal for them to get hold of fast cpu + very thin quality build + outstanding screens. They have the resources and technology over there already to do so.

    What I just hope is that now with the success of the original Galaxy S they really get in gear with the smartphone side and really find out what people want updates, customer service, etc etc and become a really really good smartphone company too.

    They have been good with mobiles but not smart-mobiles until recently.
  19. daivik

    daivik Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Actually on that note, at Google's Keynote O/I they were explaining how they're working with carriers to update faster and also Samsung issued a statement about how they're still gonna support the GS and have better support for the GSII.

    If you ask me, stay away from xda, totally one sided. (well at least on 1 of the 3 threads i'm viewing) I asked a simple question of what does Sense have that Touch Wiz 4 doesn't?

    Replies? Crappy plastic (or something to that effect) SOME, not all, just want to lull themselves into a believed that the Sensation is the undisputed king of the smartphone world when it clearly isn't. (Not saying the GSII is, but they're just so adamant that it is) mini-rant-over :0
  20. Danw1920

    Danw1920 Lurker

    Hopefully this should mean a much shorter time scale on releasing updates. It appears they have taken note of complaints.

    Samsung promises faster Android updates for Galaxy range | News | TechRadar UK
  21. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    Whether you like it or not, they are world's most powerful largest electronics company now with enormous resource on semiconductor chips and display. Hence they are likely to get more hates than others for their success. Not just in smart-phones.

    For them overtaking HTC is relatively easier task than fighting Apple. Going against iPhone/iPad with Galaxy lineup is the no. 1 focus of their mobile division. Ironically Apple happens to be no. 1 customer for their semiconductor division.

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