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What's so bad about Touch Wiz again?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by waterballoon, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. waterballoon

    waterballoon Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi there, I've been using a Samsung Galaxy S for about 2 months and have tried the different launchers available (Launcher Pro & ADW Launcher mainly)... but now I'm back to using Touch Wiz 3.0 & tbh... I don't see how bad it is xD

    I've heard pretty bad things about TW like it being ugly & a rip-off of the iOS... I don't really mind those, but besides the superficial & aesthetic "cons", Touch Wiz is pretty decent, no?

    Just that... the Samsung Widgets are butt-ugly & useless

  2. tomthetank

    tomthetank Member

    yeah i agree, I went into a carphone warehouse store the other day to look at the SGS.
    I was suprised at how 'not bad' it was :) not as bad as most people make it out to be
  3. SquidgyB

    SquidgyB Lurker

    No landscape homescreens :)
  4. karnka

    karnka Android Expert

    I don't think there's anything _wrong_ with TouchWiz but I do massively prefer Launcher Pro. Mostly because:

    I can turn off the 'Dots' showing which homescreen I'm on
    I get 5 Small icons in the dock instead of 4
    Multiple docks
    SMS and GMail Icons in the doc can show unread counts
    Dislike the Galaxy S application drawer - prefer the '3D' single screen one
    Ability to hide apps I'd rather not see from the app drawer
    Ability to hide take labels from home screen icons

    The big thing about TouchWiz that I do like (and still have using Launcher Pro) is the toggles in the notification drop down. Very nice.
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  5. tomthetank

    tomthetank Member

    would the 3d app drawer be set by default on laucher pro? or will it have to be turned on?
    thanks :)
  6. davealison

    davealison Newbie

    needs to be turned on mate...it's turned off by default :D
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  7. Mithent

    Mithent Lurker

    I'm in the same boat - TouchWiz was fine (and the notification settings are nice), but I prefer Launcher Pro - though not the 3D app drawer.
  8. karnka

    karnka Android Expert

    It's under advanced settings and has a warning attached saying it might be unstable.

    Never caused a problem for me though.
  9. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Android Expert

    A little annoying to be sure, but not deal breaking.
  10. -Ollie-

    -Ollie- Well-Known Member

    sticking to touchwizz and happy with it.
    I guess it's just a matter of personal preference.
  11. holgalee

    holgalee Well-Known Member

    I'm trying to decide between Launcher Pro and AdwLauncher. What are the main differences between the two? I'm interested in speed and stability (not hanging/showing the black screen) and the ability to hide icon names in home screen, though that's probably the least of my concerns!

    My phone seems to hang more with Launcher Pro, and it's an unrooted one if that matters.
  12. Shocky

    Shocky Android Expert

    Same, tried a few launchers but prefer touchwiz. :D

    I think people blamed it for the lag, before we knew it was caused by the file system and that's stuck in some peoples minds.
  13. vikingisson

    vikingisson Android Expert

    That's why we run Android, choice. You can run whatever you prefer. Personally I dislike touchwiz, I'm much less productive with it and that's the deal breaker.

    The whole phone has been a disaster but the best thing about it is that it can all be changed. At this point I don't want any Samsung software no matter how pretty it thinks it is.
  14. beer-in-box

    beer-in-box Well-Known Member

    That 3D view, is it only available in paid version?
    I am using a modified TW and I like it. But this 3D thing might change things:)
  15. holgalee

    holgalee Well-Known Member

    Odd. I can't get Smoother Calender and SimiClock to display correctly in Launcher Pro, the widgets get cut off. But they're fine in Touchwiz and ADW. I get a message saying I need to pay if I want to resize Smooth Calender.

    Another question: is it ok to have three or more launchers installed at the same time?
  16. Ih4teKies

    Ih4teKies Member

    if you want a REALLY snappy TouchWiz launcer.

    Get SGSTools from market. And re-install TouchWiz!!
    It supports landscape too!

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