What's the best app for browsing podcasts?


This is my first ever post. New to Android and missing iTunes store for browsing podcasts. I am looking for a good android app which makes browsing for them easy. My thoughts on those I have looked at up to now:
BeyondPod - looks like it has lots of features, but interface is complex. Browsing for podcasts was also complex and kept returning non-podcast material.
Google Reader - browsing functions were extremely poor - kept returning the same dozen or so suggestions. Interface looked nice, though.
myPOD - interface looks really complicated. BUT I am willing to spend time with a good app, whether paid or free, if browsing functions are strong.

Have not looked at DoggCatcher or any others yet. Or should I stay with iTunes, if so, best app for getting podcasts on my Samsung Galaxy SII?

What do people recommend? As I say, a strong browsing ability is paramount for me as I like hunting down the obscure. I like to both stream and download, but am not bothered about having podcasts automatically download new episodes as I prefer to do that manually. :)


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I use doggcatcher. It has a built in way to view podcasts, you have to search for something as there is no system for catagories.

Pocketcasts has a system of catagories but I do not like is performance as much as doggcatcher personally


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Thanks everyone for your suggestions. After a couple of months of buying and trying them all, I found that for me the best for browsing was Pocketcasts, by a wide margin. I found BeyondPod is very good if you already know what you are looking for, but for exploring and mooching Pocketcast ticks all the boxes. And the customer support is fantastic.