What's the best music app?


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The stock app and my itunes m3u's are not cooperating very well... I sync with iTunemywalkman... Everytime I load up the stock music app and go to playlists, they playlists themselves show but they are empty...

Really sucks... I really don't want to use doubletwist cuz the widget is hideous but if its the only app that gets the job done, oh well... I wish we could use foobar on the the Android OS...


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cool thread. I'll admit that I've been a bit lazy researching for a good player, so I'm going to troll this thread and just try out stuff that ppl recommend. :D


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Mixzing is good, if you like the Ipod style btunes is pretty good. I really like Mixzing cuz it has a nice graphic equalizer built in.
Tried them all, haven't found one that works well yet. DoubleTwist sync'd my music from iTunes onto my Droid, but most of the cd's went in as "unknown artist", even though they were fine in the playlist. Mixzing is OK, but I still drag my ipod around. The other thing I found was that the download to the Droid using DoubleTwist was incredibly slow. I read somewhere else in the forum that iTunes Agent is good for the downloading, as is Media Monkey, both programs I have on my PC, but haven't tried yet.


I tried all of those and stuck with Zimly. I wanted thumbnails for the videos for one thing. Seems to work well with my bluetooth headset also.

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i like doubletwist, it has a pretty slick desktop client to go along with it
guess i don't use the widget tho...


i like doubletwist, it has a pretty slick desktop client to go along with it
guess i don't use the widget tho...

I would like to find a player that allows 2-way syncing of ratings from/back to iTunes.

I used iSyncr to get playlists to my Samsung Vibrant, and that worked great. The stock player recognizes everything but there's no ratings capability.

Doubletwist has the rating stars but everything is screwed up, from album art to artist. Is it because I didn't use the desktop client to make the transfers?

If anyone knows of a player that will sync ratings, speak up! I've got a lot of ratings-based playlists in iTunes.