May 12, 2010
every topic ive found has been about anti glare, clear protectors. but i would like the best privacy protector. my friend has one on his iphone and a few degrees to the side and it goes completely black. just wondering if we have one for our phones. iv been looking into a clarivue privacy screen protector. any input would be greatly appreciated.
I haven't seen anything like that specifically for the incredible, but any protector that fits the dimensions should work.

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I don't want anything distorting my screen (at any angle) so I haven't tried any. But, I have seen tons of mirrored screen protectors out there for the DINC, which should do what you are looking for.
I had a mirror screen protector on my Desire and found it to be very difficult to see the screen when unlocking and viewing outside in the sunshine.
I took it off as soon as i'd had a clear one delivered.
In my opinion don't bother.:(