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What's the best Profile Manager

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by mcapehart, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. mcapehart

    mcapehart Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Having been a Palm user, Windows Mobile user and BlackBerry user in the past, having the ability to define profiles is something I'm used to being able to do with ease and versatility.

    So far I'm not finding a "good" profile app that will both monitor your circumstances and also provide quick access to toggle profiles.

    I've tried Locale, Quick Profiles and Toggle Settings. All of these provide their own great features, but none of them exclusively provide in one app:

    - Busy/Free calendar monitoring
    - Quick access to toggle profile (of course press/hold power button sort of works)
    - Phone only (turn off all notifications and only allow phone calls to be audible/vibe)
    - Contact-specific SMS tone

    Anyone know of any app that comes close or am I missing something in one of the apps I mentioned above?

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  2. nonie3234

    nonie3234 Member

    Have you tried Timeriffic? It doesn't answer all of your requirements, but it's a start.
  3. mcapehart

    mcapehart Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi nonie32334,
    Timeriffic looks interesting. I'll give it a spin.

  4. nonie3234

    nonie3234 Member

    Hey - I saw this in another thread: http://tasker.dinglisch.net/
    I haven't tried it myself yet, but it sounds like it might be a solution for you!
  5. zetachi

    zetachi Lurker

    Have you tried Ear? So far it's the best (IMHO) one that I've found. None are perfect but this one works pretty we'll for one touch. BTW it does not work with locations/time/date. It's all manual.
  6. simon adebesi

    simon adebesi Member

    Following on from this very old discussion, any new thoughts on this question?

    One thing I was interested in particularly is are there any apps that let you make exceptions of specific contacts? So for example, you want your phone on mute because it is the middle of the night but the phone will still ring if one specific contact calls? That would be handy.
  7. jimdroid

    jimdroid Android Expert

    WhoIsIt allows you to do this. I haven't tried it personally, and the reviews look a bit iffy, but here is the link: WhoIsIt - Android app on AppBrain
  8. jimdroid

    jimdroid Android Expert

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  9. riskaa

    riskaa Member

    I've used tasker - there is a learning curve, and it does much more than profile setting.
    The other one i've played with and liked is Setting Profiles
    Apps Setting Profiles
    Try the beta version before you buy. It may work well for your needs.
  10. CodeMonkey

    CodeMonkey Guest

    As already mentioned, Tasker should be able to handle all this and more.

    I use Tasker at work to automatically set my phone to vibrate based on my work calendar (which is 1 of my 4 synced Google calendars). This profile only runs during my normal working hours at my office location.

    A Tasker widget with a menu should be able to let you switch profiles as required - like this one?

    Phone only: not exactly what you want, but illustrates what is possible: No email notifications, SMS and phone only

    Personalised SMS tones - not exactly what you're looking for but it gives a flavour: SMS tone control

    I use this one myself: Whitelisted callers for when sleeping

    There's a 7 day trial available direct from the app's developer on Tasker for Android, and a very active Google Group for support https://groups.google.com/group/tasker?hl=en

    I'm (obviously) a huge fan of Tasker - the learning curve is fairly steep, but it's really changed the way I use my phone.

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  11. Szadzik

    Szadzik Extreme Android User

    I use Setting Profile and consider both Tasker and Locale much too complicated to play with to just switch profiles (not to mention their prices).
  12. steaky

    steaky Newbie

    I have been using AudioGuru + Widgets - Android app on AppBrain

    It has a profile widget and changes profiles based on time of day if you wish. Not perfect as it does not affect anything but the audio settings, but it was the best free option I found.

    Timmerific not having a widget was a big deal IMO, since I need an override method.
  13. fonefreak

    fonefreak Well-Known Member

    Checkout Profile Valet - it was featured on Gizmodo today. It is free in the App Market. You might also want to look at Quick Profiles - also free and in the Market.
  14. Android1

    Android1 Member

    I think Quick Profiles is great - and the widget is only
  15. justmusic

    justmusic Lurker

    Do any of these manage call forwarding as well? On my old SE W705 I could create a profile to shut all the noises off AND forward all calls to VM or wherever.

  16. Trident18

    Trident18 Lurker

    PhoneWeaver by SBSH does everything asked for in the OP.
  17. kaywin

    kaywin Lurker

  18. itsallgood

    itsallgood Android Expert

  19. Stlmo

    Stlmo Lurker

    I've tried plenty of free profile manager but they were very limited or very buggy !

    I ended up by choosing this one (Profile Manager) : https://market.android.com/details?id=com.profiler&hl=en

    It's a very straighforward tool and that do all the basic stuff correctly. For those who are looking for something simple et efficient, it could be a good option.
  20. rudhan

    rudhan Lurker

    You might want to test my Auto Profiles, it sits as a widget, displaying the mode used, you change profile manually with just two clicks, you can set profile for a given time period or let Auto Profiles change profile automaticaly depending on what WiFi you are connected to, what time it is or whether a meeting is active in your calendar. There is a free version to try out first if you like.

  21. morganfm

    morganfm Lurker

    This thread is old but I thought I'd add a couple apps that I've tried.

    GO Power Master:
    • can create/edit "modes" that include:
      • "radio" (cell network) on/off
      • wifi on/off
      • data on/off
      • screen brightness
      • ringer volume
      • media volume
      • screen timeout
      • bluetooth on/off
      • sync on/off
      • vibrate on/off
      • GPS on/off
      • Haptic feedback on/off
    • 3 default modes- General save, Alarm mode, and Super save
    • one touch mode activation
    • can "set mode by time" (in my experience there is no lag, and no glitching regarding certain "mode" settings not activating)
    • can "set mode by power" -activating, for example, super saver mode when your battery gets as low as 20% (fully customizable)
    • wifi and data "smart control" -close when screen is off, etc.
    • screen off optimization -auto-cleans background apps when screen is off
    • primary use as battery saver:
    • one-touch optimization - tells you how many apps were killed and the amount of time your battery life was prolonged
    • "time remaining" for charging, charging type (see below), battery, reading, calls, network, audio, video, and standby (in my experience very accurate)
    • battery:
      • temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius (can be changed in settings)
      • voltage
      • status (i.e. "good")
      • material (i.e. Li-ion) < I don't know what this means
      • past usage on an easily understood graph
      • makes charging more effective and healthy for your battery by automatically performing "fast charge", "consecutive charge", and "trickle charge" based on your battery's power
    • task/application killer/manager for viewing currently running apps (all or background only) or hardware, percentage of memory they are consuming, allowing you to kill them individually or with single-touch optimize memory, and "re-stats" aka refresh running application statistics
    • no problems/issues/bugs in operation (in my experience)
    • notification bar icon shows current battery power as a percentage, when notification bar is open shows time remaining for either charging or battery (depending on whether or not it's charging, obviously), current mode, data, wifi, and radio status (on/off) and screen brightness
    • doesn't eat up battery or data (in my experience)
    • works very well for all features included
    • no pesky ads
    • FREE
    • extra features available if you purchase an optional Premium pack
    • clean, user-friendly interface
    • simple, uncluttered, yet information packet widget (more widget features available if you install GO Launcher EX {also free})
    • max number of custom profiles = 7
    • can't edit default modes (in free app)
    • latest update is less appealing in appearance, especially the battery icon in the notifications bar (can be turned off in settings, however)
    • can't set mode by location, day, or anything else besides time
    A good, well made app that handles the most basic profiling needs without a hitch. Good for someone who can easily forget to set their phone on silent on a daily basis (like me).​

    Llama - Location profiler:
    Much more advanced and profiling targeted than GO, but fairly complicated and still in the development phase, with several glitches that I've noticed so far. Will be a really great app in time though.​

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