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What's the difference? Edge or no edge?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Gkeomany, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Gkeomany

    Gkeomany Lurker
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    I was curious about the galaxy's "edge" series phone. What is so great about having the edge instead of a regular galaxy "S" series phone? I don't own a Galaxy "edge" but I have had multiple "S" series phones. From what I experienced by testing an "edge" series phone my sister has, the only difference is the side screen. But, what happens when you drop your phone? More then likely the glass screen portion of the "edge" is bound to crack(due to having no form of protection. i.e. plastic housing, etc., etc..). Where as the regular "S" series have less of a chance of cracking because the the glass screen being flat and located in the front and not the front and sides. So what makes the Samsung Galaxy "edge" series so much better than the regular Samsung Galaxy "S" series?

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  2. reynov

    reynov Lurker

    All the screen and back of s7 are made of the glass lol.. either flat or edge wont survive hard drop. Edge is something nice to have for some it's style and distinct from others
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