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Whats the next big phone for big red?

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by random155, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Android Expert

    Yeah, me too. I'm hoping that Motorola as a few phones to announce at MWC. This phone is missing the camera "hump" which I am now used to, but that wouldn't stop me from trying it out.

    Good luck to us,


  2. 3devious

    3devious Android Expert

    Isn't LG threatening to have a phone more powerful than the Spectrum? I've loved each of their feature phones that I had. Maybe it's going to be a WP7 device. I'm still interested.
  3. mcbtrain929

    mcbtrain929 Android Expert

    with the ICS/no-capacitive-button phones i've seen (galaxy nexus, this image, etc), i can't stop staring and being so disappointed with all the real estate wasted on the bottom of these phones....

    UrsusVIIILXXXVII Android Enthusiast

    I used to feel the same way about the onscreen buttons of ICS. I've been running the EncounterICS ROM on my DX for a while now with the onscreen button mod and I gotta say I've changed my mind. Granted, the buttons are modified and the space they take up is only slightly more than the status bar so the space is smaller than what the picture shows. The "recent apps" button alone makes multitasking an absolute breeze.
  5. ghurty

    ghurty Lurker

    What is the next "hot" phone that everyone is waiting for for use on verizon?

    It is almost upgrade time, and I want to know which phone to wait for.

  6. paulf

    paulf Lurker

    my droid razor maxx is hot..not in a good way:(
  7. blackepoxy

    blackepoxy Android Expert

    Well, I have just officially read that none of the
    devices at MWC will hit VZW...shame. MWC is
    mainly for gsm boys...
    Have to wait for CTIA...
    Looks like all we have to look forward to is the
    Dinc3/fireball, lg cayman and Droid fighter,
    whatever that's gonna be, hitting VZW...
    Shame, none of the HTC one series will hit VZW...
    I got an upgrade coming 7/28/12...

    Droid fighter might actually be the Dinc3/fireball...maybe...
    It was on hTC's code name list... Fighter that is...
  8. rsarno

    rsarno Thank Me, Im Irish!

    oh you son of a bish lol ... i began reading this and was about to link to it in our other thread, then i see you are the poster ahahaa

    our minds are on the same path ....

    and heres my image im posting everywhere lol:
  9. blackepoxy

    blackepoxy Android Expert

    You know what they say about great minds...

    I would be cool if VZW would drop a hTC One S variant.
    This variant is rumored to be the Fighter/Dinc3.
    Dual core 1.5 GHz S4 processor with LTE chip built in.
    I hope it is truly a variant with user replaceable battery and Sd card...
    The Dinc2 first surfaced as the Incredible S at the last MWC and we got the variant of that sooooo, we'll see... ;D...C'mon CTIA in NOLA...
  10. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Android Expert

    Yup, it looks like the CTIA show in New Orleans will the next place that the manufacturers smartphones will be showcased. It's May 7th thru the 10th. A long way off for me, I have a NE2 (my last, I'm guessing) available on March 15th.

    Luckily my "X" is still doing a "bang-up" job for me. (he said with his fingers crossed)

    Hopefully there will be some new smartphones announced or at least rumored before CTIA. There was nothing from Motorola at MWC, so I'm hoping that Google/Motorola Mobility have something coming down the pipe that will absolutely blow us away. Hopefully anyway.

    Patiently waiting,
  11. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Android Expert

    Ok, forget about any verified info regarding Verizons next big phone.

    How about some rumors of Verizons next big phone! At one time awhile back a phone called the Dinara was mentioned... but no mention of it lately.

    Then this phone was mentioned,

    Said to be an ICS/no-capacitive-button phone.


    Since it was rumored..... nothing more...

    C'mon, anything we can talk about?
  12. heyeaglefn

    heyeaglefn Android Enthusiast

    Droid Fighter is supposed to come in April, but no one knows much about that.
  13. DILands

    DILands Android Expert

  14. Zacharybinx34

    Zacharybinx34 Lurker

    Should I get the Galaxy Nexus now or wait to see if the quad-core phones come out in April like some are speculating?
  15. 3devious

    3devious Android Expert

    I'd wait unless you're itching to get something new. My Galaxy Nexus isn't all that.
  16. varaonaid

    varaonaid Android Enthusiast

    My DH and I are both up for upgrades within the next week. Unusually (because I'm typically the must-have-tech-geek in the family) he's asking me when the quad core phone are being released at VZW!! I promised him I'd check but it doesn't sound like there's any info on when that is, correct? To make things crazier (as in, I really want a quad core LTE phone NOW), even though our city isn't anywhere on the LTE list, I was told by a mobile phone sales person at Costco who had VZW herself that she started getting 4G in the area in the last couple of weeks and that they are testing for a release in a few more weeks.

    Slightly on and off topic, am I correct that if I have an unlimited data plan that VZW will grandfather that in on an LTE phone? I'm keeping fingers crossed for that!
  17. angldvl81

    angldvl81 Android Expert

    My NE2 isn't up til Nov I believe. Good thing I'm happy with my tb!
  18. oOMavrikOo

    oOMavrikOo Android Expert

    My wife and I are coming over from Sprint and need to do so by this weekend in order to keep our numbers. I'm looking at the GNex and RAZR (not MAXX) on Amazon and Wirefly. The RAZR was just reduced to $35 on a two year contract. I really want the GNex and ICS, but it's priced at $99. We don't want to spend alot on phones since we're already taking a jump in the monthly bill. My wife just want a 4G phone and to be off of Sprint. I'm either going to get the GNex and her a Bionic (free this weekend), or two RAZRs... What should I do?
  19. angldvl81

    angldvl81 Android Expert

    well it seems the price would even out which ever way you choose, so its all about the features you want. i dont know much about either phone (though people really seem to like the GNex). my dad has the bionic and he says its ok (came from the OG Droid). compare the features each one has and go from there. If you really want ICS, then GNex seems to be the way to go.
  20. I've been wondering this as well. I've heard rumors but not sure what actually happens...
  21. Renegade360

    Renegade360 Newbie

    Of All of Verizons current offerings, I'd take a Gnex or Rezound. Both have developer support with great roms. Much better than stock. Increased battery life etc. Between the Razr and Bionic, get the Razr. Better phone.

    You get stock ICS on GNex, and you can install really good working ICS Roms on the Rezound. The RAZR is at the mercy of Motorola, probably without ICS till this summer at the earliest. There is NO development for the RAZR.

    The rezound has a better 4G Radio than the GNEX. I have no experience with the motorola radio.

    I don't think We will see a quad core phone probably till late summer.
  22. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Android Expert

    It beginning to look like the Motorola Droid Fighter may be the next big phone from Verizon.

    It may be a RAZR MAXX with a 4.6" HD touchscreen and no physical buttons. Also most likely will be released with ICS 4.0. Rumor is that it could launch some time in April.

    Here's some info with a picture (albiet not to good of one) from UnWiredView.com.

    Verizon’s Droid Fighter made by Motorola, it’s a RAZR with HD screen Unwired View

    Might be a phone I'd give some thought to buying.....
  23. Doit2it

    Doit2it Android Expert

    Yeah, I hadn't heard about the Fighter till I read this article this AM. Looks like it and the Inc 4G (DINC3, I guess) both may hit Verizon next month. I might not be able to wait on the SG3 if the Fighter shows up!

    DROID Duo To Strike Verizon Hard Before Samsung Galaxy S3 & iPhone 5

    Verizon has historically considered unlimited data as just that. 3G or 4G makes no difference. So going from a 3G phone to a 4G phone you retain your unlimited data. It may change in the future, but I'm hoping not, as I still have a Droid X.
  24. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Android Expert

    Hey, thanks for this link, I hadn't seen it before. It says the Fighter may come with a 1.8 Ghz processor.... Cool.

    Now just have to wait for more leaked info soon to be followed by official release specs.

    Patiently/impatiently waiting......
  25. dirkbonn

    dirkbonn Android Expert

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