Root What's with GALAXO???


I've installed Galaxo that's my first Galaxo.

So I've expected everything he sad his system got (as he explained on video), but when my Galaxy booted, Galaxo is nothing like he sad on video..

He is describing 1-9 screens but I only got 3..he got some cool widgets, where are they on my phone??? Where is the theme? Where is HTC look like os???

He never sad Galaxo is nothing like on the video, so can anybody explain to me why is everything so ordinary on my Galaxy with Galaxo?


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Well, first of all you should notice that your screen now rotates on the homescreen. (I don't like it and I turned it off lol)

Press the menu key on your homescreen and you'll see a new option, "configure". There you can change the screen size (number of home screens), and some other new stuff, such as the auto-rotate I mentioned. The other big feature is the overclocking, for that you have to open your app drawer and select Galaxo Configuration. You can now press on "O/C 614Mhz" or "O/C 710Mhz" to overclock your phone (don't forget to apply new config).

Oh, and by the way, your phone is now rooted, so you can look around for the themes you like.

EDIT: In the video Tech posted, the guy is using Helix Launcher, that's what I'm using too.

Download this, put it on your phone via USB or ADB, and then reboot in recovery mode. Do a Nandroid Backup (important), select "Fix packages permissions", and then select "apply any zip" and you will be able to select Helix. Reboot and enjoy.

It's important to do it this way, because the original launcher is locked in your phone memory. If you install Helix Launcher from the market, you'll experience poor performance.


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Drakaz didn't make this video, it was made by HDBlog's iNiccolo. He customized the rom a bit - installed from Market Helix Launcher, some widgets etc. You can do it by yourself.


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Hi, can someone write instructions how to use nexus theme and neccesary widgets with Galaxo. Something like this shown in video? Looks fantastic and has plenty of space on home screen. Thanks.