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What's your battery drain while sleeping through the night?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by strodda, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. strodda

    strodda Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Before I was having a wakelock issue that was being cause by an app. So I uninstalled and solved that problem, but what kind of battery drain are you guys getting through the night or any extended period of time without use?

    Last night, I was losing about 1%/hr, maybe a tiny bit more. I know thats not necessarily bad, but I read somewhere that someone had lost 1% through the night. I searched around and from what I found, the small drain was caused by the kworkers.

    So over extended periods without use, what percentages are you guys getting on battery loss?

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  2. TritonDroid

    TritonDroid Well-Known Member

    I hardly lose any at all. The past few nights I have taken the phone off the charger at 3AM then when I wake up at 7AM it is still at 100%.
  3. strodda

    strodda Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, thats good to know... sucks for me though. Guess I gotta do some more investigating.
  4. jstcynske

    jstcynske Member

    I also can go for hours at night without any drain showing. This morning I took my phone off the charger around 5am, checked it at work around 7:30am and it was still at 100% and I had even used it a little.
  5. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    Interesting. I'm on wi-fi at home and I see 1%/hr at idle.
  6. strodda

    strodda Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I dont know why, but Ive had battery drain at home on wifi when I was connected to my dlink access point. If Im connected directly to the verizon router, the drain goes away.

    If you have multiple routers/access points, try connecting to a different one.

    Another update. I am now testing with betterbatterystats & wakelock detector. A possible issue has to do with google play services and having the wifi location service on. I have not turned it off, but one suggestion was to use titanium backup to uninstall google play services... reboot the device and have the phone direct you to install GPS. Whether it did something or it was just a coincidence, a fresh install of the play services seemed to help greatly.

    As of now, I have done all the above and Im charging my phone to monitor what it does from a full charge.
  7. strodda

    strodda Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Are you rooted? If you are, what have you done or installed on your phone?

    I guess I should have started out by saying Im rooted and running cleanROM.
  8. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Android Expert

    Ill lose like 2- 3% over night with data off. If i use quiet mode i lose like 5%. I'm stock rooted vzw with some minor debloat. Google Play services is my biggest battery draw, that didn't start until like my 2 or 3 rd charge cycle though.
  9. kiroshi23

    kiroshi23 Android Enthusiast

    from 11pm to 8am i go from 100% to 100% ;):D
  10. strodda

    strodda Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Wow, seriously or is it because youre plugged in?

    Do you have things turned off or silenced through the night?
  11. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    Can't say much for overnight use but I have been off the charger for 2.5 hrs, over which I've driven to work and used lightly, and I'm still at 100%.
  12. Jastow

    Jastow Newbie

    Zero drain since I charge mine overnight. There's no sense in having less than a 100% charge for the day, especially if your day is long. One time I was too tired to put it on the charger and it lost at least 15%, probably due to all the email and Facebook notifications being on.
  13. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    I would love an excuse to get a couple wireless chargers for multiple locations like work, but the reality has been that I don't need to charge my phone more than once a day, and that sometimes is just a top off. This phone has thrown me for a complete loop such that my desk and car chargers are mostly useless at this point.
  14. I unplugged at 11pm, it is now 10:30am and I'm still at 100% !!! I love this phone!!!
  15. kiroshi23

    kiroshi23 Android Enthusiast

    with gps off cuz none needs it and 4g on it lasts all night, no plug
  16. strodda

    strodda Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Wifi off too? Are there any facts to prove that its better or worse to turn off wifi while its sleeping?
  17. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Android Expert

    I think that makes sense. The LTE radio in new phones with QUALCOMM S4 or later Snapdragon chip are very efficient to the point of rivaling or beating WiFi battery drain. I don't have G2 yet (will get it soon), but my RHD with S4 chip is also very efficient with WiFi off overnight, losing only 1~2% over 7 hours.

    It also depends on the connection quality of LTE vs WiFi. If you are in good LTE signal area, the phone will likely sleep better in LTE connection than WiFi.
  18. hollywoods14

    hollywoods14 Android Expert

    I actually think the G2 gets better battery life with 4g than with wifi
  19. loda7

    loda7 Newbie

    Boy, I'm going to have to inspect further. This is my first week w/ the G2 and love it. The battery life throughout the day has been amazing, but at night, it dropped 30% in 3 hours while I was sleeping. The biggest culprits for me were Android System & Google Services, so it's not so obvious to me what exactly was going on. So backwards it sips at day and drains at night. :) Even still, I'm at 37% after 24 hours and would still be happy with that.
  20. ajarnfalang

    ajarnfalang Well-Known Member

    I've had it in my pocket at work today all day. I used only a few minutes. 11 hours on battery with 3g and stuff turned on. I got a couple of e-mails

    11hours = dropped from 100% to 95%.
  21. MonteK73

    MonteK73 Member

    Timmynpjs you must not have used it all, even if you did not nearly 12 hrs and no drop at all. Wow!
  22. Ed5275

    Ed5275 Well-Known Member

    I think the most I have ever lost overnight was like 5%
  23. Bogeyjoker

    Bogeyjoker Newbie

    0-1% loss typically in 7-8 hours overnight... Wifi on or off, gps on.
  24. ebinpissac

    ebinpissac Lurker

    Guys, its just been a week that i got my g2.
    On the first day, i unplugged at 12 am with a charge of 75%. The next day 7.30 am it was 73% with full time wifi on.
    But now the battery drops around 8-10% overnight. The battery stats shows that screen takes around 20%, google services 15% and android system 14%.
    I will be either connected to wifi or LTE all the time with sync turned on. I used to get 24 hrs in the first few days with moderate usage, now has dropped to 15-16 hrs including 8 hrs of sleep. Any solutions?
  25. Jeph Ghost

    Jeph Ghost Member

    Didn't notice a huge drop the first few nights I had the phone (max 10-15% drop). Last night I went from 44% to 13% over 7.5hrs.

    Not sure what caused the big drop last night, but will continue to monitor this.

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