What's your ringtone!?

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Name of the thread says it all.

Include your notification sound too if you want to be extra cool. Feel free to update again.
I'll start: James Bond theme song


Notification: "Hey sexy, you have a message"



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For rings: my custom edited version of the Looney Tunes theme. It doesn't sound like anyone else's ring, so I know my phone is the one ringing.

For text notifications, I have the "oo-WEE-oo" sound of the onboard ship communicator from the original Star Trek TV show. Short, sweet, to the point, and I can hear it a mile away.


My main ringtone is the theme to the BBC show "The IT Crowd."

Backup is the awesome Geico ringtone, followed by... "Never gonna give you up."


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Current ringtone is California love,2pac. Will mix in Never too late, three days grace. Notation for text is slot machine intro from Waking up in Vegas, Kate Perry.

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I'm a very plain and boring kind of guy when it comes to ringers and notifications:

ringer: old phone
txt notifications: stock "color"
email 1: stock "subtle"
email 2: stock "simple high"

I figure it would be very unbecoming to have THIS Real Mutha******* G's as a ringetone for a friend or Marvin Gaye's "sexual healing" when a certain someone calls.....
My Ringtone is: David Guetta - Memories... pretty sick
My notification is: Blackberry's notifier_crystal (I kinda miss somethings about the blackberry)


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My ringtone is the Garden Theme from LittleBigPlanet :)

My notification sound is the "you got an item" noise from The Legend of Zelda. I feel like holding up my phone whenever someone texts me!


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My ringtone is "Standard #4" (I know - super boring) and my text message alert is the communicator alert tone from the Original Series Star Trek, not the "chirppity-chirp" when you open it, the BOOP BOOP paging sound.

I can't watch an episode of TOS without looking at my phone a dozen times thinking I got a text message :D