whats your uptime?

Just wondering what some of your guys uptimes are....I'm currently at 114 hours!


Yea, only had to reboot it once and that was on the 2nd day. I see so many posts about reboots and all these crazy problems people are having. I must be one of the lucky ones because my DROID has been purrrrfect since day 1.


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mine's always less than a day. Because i can't control myself and keep playing with it till i kill the battery and it shuts down. ;-)

I need siedo to get an extended battery ASAP...


I reboot at least once a day. The device won't be able to pick up GPS at all after about 24 hours. Reboot the phone, GPS locks in almost instantly.

Hope this is a software issue that gets fixed soon...


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Mine seems to need a reboot every few days. It just dies and cannot be turned on again without pulling the battery. I've gotten into the habit of checking on it every so often to make sure it's on . . . :rolleyes:


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Haven't had to reboot since I don't use task killer app. I still have it installed just not running. Half the time though I rebooted just for the hell of it. I don't know if it has anything to do with advanced task killer. But I can tell you that I see no decrease in performance by not using it.


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only 36 here, but that's because i install batches of 20 or 30 apps at a time to test them out (thank you "top app" threads!), then remove most of them as i find them useless, ugly, etc. as a windows guy i'm just used to rebooting after stuff like that. probably unnecessary.

i also installed startup auditor and wanted to test that a few times recently.

all reboots were for my own piece of mind, however. no problems so far.

i'm going to try to go all of next week now that i'm *almost* done playing with my new toy.


I restart every time the sub menu slide animation gets choppy, thats a sign my phone is lagging even if there aren't any apps running. I find it weird how after long periods of use I can have 9mb free + xxx with only 2 services running. Something isn't clearing memory and it seems to effect performance not just on visual effects but on app performance in general. Anyone else?


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Mine seems to need a reboot every few days. It just dies and cannot be turned on again without pulling the battery. I've gotten into the habit of checking on it every so often to make sure it's on . . . :rolleyes:

sounds like you have something buggy installed or something isn't right with your phone.

good luck finding it. Hopefully it's something simple.


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I notice that every couple of days my WIFI or 3G get a little slow a reboot seems to cure. Maybe not the problem but I feel better when I reboot. Just like starting out fresh for top performance. ;)


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I power down most nights- just used to it, and I HATE getting texts and calls while I'm asleep.

Does this reset my "up time" to zero?

I'm also trying to condition my battery i.e. letting the phone die completely before I recharge it 100%. Does this reset "up time", too?



Powering off will reset the uptime.

Also, before someone else jumps in on this - there has been a lot of flack about how LiON batteries don't have memory problems and conditioning is not needed - but my own experience in the first days I had the phone seem to indicate otherwise, although I cannot say scientifically that it made a difference to do what you did - I just did, and it worked on giving me better battery times. But that could also be due to the fact that I did not let it charge overnight the day it arrived, as I was too busy playing with it :p

In general, any powering off of the device (perhaps excluding application / setting related reboots) will reset the uptime.

31+ here right now....


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168, rebooted for the 2.0.1 install. Rebooted once before that when I filled up the SD card and then on the day I got it to wipe it clean and set it up myself.

Laptop has been up for only 22 days as slackpkg installed some new Kernel update so i rebooted for that.