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Whatsapp-online status/google talk

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by AnastasiaKa, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. AnastasiaKa

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    Hello users and support team,

    I have just purchased an HTC Desire S, and i am questioning if there is any logical explanation to why my status on whatsapp is online almost the whole time? Is there extra charge conserning data consumption? How can that be corrected? Is there an update for the application to correct that, are you working on that?

    It looks like all the applications ar running on the background. Like the google talk for example. Yesterday I received a notification at 6.00am from a friend on google chat who was wondering why I was online at that time.

    There are advantages, but it turns out that disadvantages on a simple way of living are slightly more.

    I would appreciate any answer, just to clarify the task.


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  2. Xyro

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    Welcome to the forum!

    First, I should clarify that this is a user-ran forum, almost entirely ran by volunteer staff. We are neither google or whatsapp employees.

    But yes, whilst data sent over WiFi is always free, if your phone is connected by to your mobile data connection then yes, it will cost money as you use data (although smartphone plans usually come with data allowances). That all depends on the contract you signed with your carrier.

    As for handling this, you have a few options. The simplest way is to disable WiFi and Mobile Data when you don't want to use them, like at night. You should find built in widgets you can add to your homescreen to achieve that.

    Option two is to sign out of the apps when you don't want to use them. I'm not familiar with whatsapp, but chances are you'll find the option by hitting the menu button, as you do in google talk. There are other apps on the phone that use data, however.

    There are also apps (such as juice defender and green power) capable of managing how long your phone stays connected to the internet - you can basically leave the phone set to connect, but it will only connect periodically.

    Personally I use a combination of the on/off widgets and juice defender.
  3. Because it is. It is called an instant messenger after all. It can't do that unless it is online.

    No, no extra charge. You only get charged for data sent and received. If you do that while on WiFi it won't count against your dataplan. If you do that while on a mobile phone net (3G, 4G, GPRS, EDGE, etc.) it will count against your dataplan.
    Of course every app consumes battery charge while it is activated. Even if very little.

    Because many of them are. Well, they aren't actually doing anything, but like WhatsApp they are just waiting to jump into action (like receiving messages and displaying notifications of their receipt). In that 'ready state' they do use battery charge, but very little. They don't use data until used/activated (until data are sent or received).
  4. SamDenial

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    Well why don't you go to offline mode.

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