Whatsapp Videos

When i receive videos on whatsapp it lets me view them and i download them but they don't show up anywhere? They don't appear in my videos or gallery, any ideas how I can view them?

El Presidente

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On your SD Card, there should be a Whatsapp folder, there's a media folder in there which should contain another folder called whatsapp videos?

So the path should be: \WhatsApp\Media\WhatsApp Video

El Presidente

Beware The Milky Pirate!
You'd either need to find that folder when the handset was connected to your PC, or you could use something like Astro (or any Android File Manager) and navigate to it that way.

The default view with Astro should be the root of your SD Card, from there, head to WhatsApp -> Media -> WhatsApp Video.

Make sense?


hey guys!

i've got a HTC Sensation and I'm using whatsapp too, but somehow I can't receive Videos from iPhone Users...any idea what thats about?:(

thanks in advance!