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Whatsapp VS Pingchat

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Magicuk, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Magicuk

    Magicuk Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I have noticed that pingchat is on the android market place and it dose from what i can see most things that what app dose. what one what you people say works better or is better it seem like pingchat are actully working on the android version unlike whatsapp that have said it will be coming soon (last 6 months or so) i would like to try whatsapp but they dont seem to be working on it as they never update there twitter with information on the android product?

  2. My friend uses whatsapp on his 'iphone' and i hear that it works across the iphone platform and blackberry. I'll check out pingchat, but if you're asking whats better, we dont really have a choice do we as only one is on our system haha :p but i already use google talk and think its fantastic.

    May give my thoughts after i check it out on the market

    Edit - Just checked it out and the website and seeing as it supports all three platforms, i dont see why 'whatsapp' would be better.
  3. Magicuk

    Magicuk Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Ping all so dose the same and let u chat multi platform aswell
  4. But the only problem now is that everyone uses whatsapp and of course, getting all of them to switch to pingchat will be hard, at least in my case its proving to be hard.
  5. Magicuk

    Magicuk Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    i would like whatsapp but they dont seem to be doign anything about making it for the android device :mad:
  6. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Android Expert

    Actually yes they are. Development for Whatsapp for Android is already nearing the end of its development phase. Should be availbale sometime soon.
  7. Enflick

    Enflick Newbie

    PingChat is growing ridiculously quickly, how quickly? 45,000 new users on android alone in the past few days! It is easy to switch your friends over as the app is FREE!
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  8. pacoguevara

    pacoguevara Lurker

  9. jayhawkfan18

    jayhawkfan18 Member

    PingChat has potential, in my opinion, but still needs some work. It really likes to force close, which gets very annoying
  10. Enflick

    Enflick Newbie

    @jay have you updated to the newest version? I have yet to have a force close.
  11. jayhawkfan18

    jayhawkfan18 Member

    didn't realize there was an update, i just installed it so hopefully that helps. Thanks!
  12. Marc Wonderland

    Marc Wonderland Well-Known Member

    I just downloaded it and the UI looks pretty cool, however at this time I do not know anybody who uses it. So I will add this to the list of apps to pay attention to and then will go from there. Is this just to mobile phones or are messengers incorportated in this?
  13. shunail

    shunail Lurker

    Try KIK. Its cross platform and pretty simple
  14. fearofth3dark

    fearofth3dark Well-Known Member

    Also with PingChat it seems like they are constantly updating the app.
  15. Enflick

    Enflick Newbie

    We update every few days until the bugs are fixed! Sorry if this is too often:p
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  16. nicnac81

    nicnac81 Newbie

  17. anson_wong25

    anson_wong25 Lurker

    I use both, but I prefer pingchat.
    My gf uses blackberry and pingchat works quite well on that.
    Whatsapp crashes a bit on my Galaxy S and not pingchat.
  18. jayhawkfan18

    jayhawkfan18 Member

    Does PingChat have groups? I don't have it installed anymore so I forget...
  19. DenverRalphy

    DenverRalphy Android Enthusiast

    Yup... sure does.

    Ping Features
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  20. jayhawkfan18

    jayhawkfan18 Member

    Thank you very much! Are they groups you create and they stay in tact like BBM or are they just group "conversations" like gtalk?
  21. JohnnyBravo1000

    JohnnyBravo1000 Android Expert

    I'm debating which of these to install, if any!

    A lot of friends seem to use a mixture of the two, so I may need both. I don't suppose one is a lot better than the other?!

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