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When Android will support Chakma Text smoothly?

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Bivuti Chakma, Mar 24, 2016.

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    I am Bivuti Chakma, from Bangladesh. I am 35 years old. My nick name is Suz Moriz ( you seen on my Facebook ID). Sometime some people called me Sereye Boddyo. From there my mail address is: bsereye@yahoo.com and another mail address is: bivuti44@gmail.com

    In generally, I am Chakma Font designer, developer & Keyboard Layout creator of Chakma. I am writer of Chakma Grammar, Chakma Book etc. In this regard you can around our site for knowing more our Chakma Font for supporting on Android Phone (http://uni.hilledu.com/download-ribenguni).I attached here.

    Recently we create a Chakma Keyboard app for writing on Android Device. It is work fine offline (beta testing -attached screenshot). How to install it (Attached guideline) Here

    You find out The app from here

    However, when I write online like Facebook or Messenger for any text the Keyboard automatically change into invisible or close to show another Keyboard like English Keyboard. What is the problem?

    Could I need to install my font on my Android Phone? Is it permanent solution? What can I do now?

    Hope, you will consider our Keyboard & font to rise up as a living language in the World.

    I am waiting your feedback & looking forward a good news from your end very soon.

    Best Regard
    Bivuti Chakma (Suz Moriz)
    Chakma Font Designer & Writer of Chakma Book
    Our site:
    1. Chakma Script & Language learning site: www.hilledu.com/
    2. Chakma Culture, tradition & history site: www.hillbd.com/
    3. Chakma Unicode font for writing of Chakma on the Worldwide: http://uni.hilledu.com/


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