When do Samsung update to the latest version of android?


Hi, I'm looking into getting an android tablet to replace my iPad and am particularly interested in the Samsung galaxy note 10.1. I'm just curious to know how long it takes Samsung to update to the latest version of android? I've seen that jellybean has been out for 8 months or so, but the note 10.1 is still running ice cream sandwich. I understand that they have to work on their own overlay to make it compatible with whatever version they are updating to. But I'm wondering how long they will do that until they decide to leave it at a version and no longer update it?


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AFAIK, the Note 10.1 is already running Jelly Bean. It was launched with ICS, but has since been upgraded. Samsung has gotten much better with upgrade cycles, but as you say, with their Touchwiz UI, it takes considerably longer than other devices.
If being on the latest version of Android is so important, I'd take a look at Nexus tablets or if rooting is an option, you can often install a custom ROM based off of the latest Android update.


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I have a samsung rush cell phone and the carrier is through boost mobile. My phone updated to jelly bean about two months ago. I asked someonr this question that you are asking and was told that it depends on the carrier . Wether or not I was informed correctly . Not 100 percent on this .

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Depends on both Samsung and if you purchase it through a carrier, it will depend on them too. Always look to a Nexus device if you want the latest updates. You also have the option to "root" the tablet and install custom software called "roms" (similar to Jailbreak in the iOS world).


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I read somewhere that they will get 4.2.2 out in September, for the Galaxy Tab 2, but not sure on phones.

It is jelly bean, but it always looks like ICS the way they have the nav bar on the bottom in ICS fashion


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Hi all, thanks so much for the responses. You are right, it is running jellybean... It's just misleading because I was looking on the pc world website as well as Argos, tesco direct etc and they all say that it's running icecream sandwich. I'm just happy that its running the latest version. Really liking the look of it, but not 100% sure.

I know this is going off topic, but is there any way of syncing it with iTunes? A few years ago I had a htc desire and there was something called double twist (not sure if it's still going) but I didn't find it that good, it would sync the music, but if you remove music from your iTunes library, it would still stay on the phone. Any ideas/suggestions?