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When do you think we will see 2.2 ??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Richzilla, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Richzilla

    Richzilla Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Does anyone know when this phone will receive the firmware upgrade from 2.1 to 2.2 ??

    What is US Cellulars track record on these type of upgrades ??

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  2. barefootpoet

    barefootpoet Lurker

    I've heard around Octoberish for the Froyo 2.2 upgrade.
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  3. Richzilla

    Richzilla Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Awesome. Thanks :)
  4. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    Historically, US Cellular was not one to rush out updates unless there was a severe problem. That said, I think we might see faster movement on this on, as they seem to get the idea that with Android, it's all about the freshness and apps.
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  5. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Do we want 2.2?

    I mean, what will 2.2 do for us that 2.1 doesn't? Sorry, I'm new to Android, but I've never had a phone that got firmware updates before. Are we talking bug fixes, or new features?
  6. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    Here's a brief breakdown of Froyo benefits.

    The Home screen will include a tips Widget to assist new users in how to customize their home screen.

    Where today we see the default gray button to bring up the menu, it will be joined by dedicated phone and Internet buttons. They will be accessible from any of the five standard screens.

    Improved MSFT Exchange support will include improved security with the addition of alpha-numeric passwords. Corporate IT Admins will be able to enforce password policy among devices. The capability to perform a remote wipe will be available for Exchange Admins. Froyo will support OTA Exchange Calendar sync. You will only need to know your AD (Active Directory) username and password to set up your Exchange account on the phone (Exchange 2007 and up only). Exchange Global Address Lists will now be supported.

    A zoom gesture will let you access "stacks" of pictures. In the camera app, on-screen buttons will allow you to control zoom, flash, geo-tagging, white balance, focus and exposure. The LED "flash" will now work in Camcorder mode.

    The portable hotspot, supporting up to 8 devices, will be available. You will be able to use the phone as a USB modem for Windows or Linux-based PCs.

    You will be able to switch the language of the on-screen keyboard by simply swiping across the Space Bar.

    Other changes will make the OS faster.
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  7. mattrh

    mattrh Lurker

    Hello first post ever on here so bare with me with the new 2.2 possibly coming out will that allow us to put applications on the sd card instead of the phone itself? or is there a way to get all of the unwanted applications off?
  8. mesasone

    mesasone Well-Known Member

    Don't forget that the JIT compiler will bring a 3-5x improvement in performance, and you'll be able to store applications on the SD card.
  9. rasmith3530

    rasmith3530 Well-Known Member

    As the article states, Samsung did not make clear if this was only for the UK. I'd wait for a similar US announcement before getting my hopes up. It would be nice though.
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