When I rearrange my homescreens they go back to factory.


Just got a LG volt on virgin mobile. So far I like the phone but I have an issue with the home screens. After installing and updating all the virgin mobile bloat my home screen has a google search bar, the weather, and 4 other icons on the bottom. If I rearrange them to different home screens or just get rid of the icons they will come back to the original home screen. I notice this happens over night mostly. I don't think my phone is restarting or anything like that. Its annoying to want to have the icons where you want them and just to have them disappear and have to go into the apps folder to do waht you want to do.

Any help would be appreciated.


nope. it comes up and says welcome to mobile id, I click continue, says choose your id, and the only thing that shows is the essentials or lge says essentials is my current one.