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When is Android 2.2 coming to the Transform?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TheRH, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. TheRH

    TheRH Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter


    Curious does anyone know when Android 2.2 is coming to the Transform? I love the phone, and wonder what 2.2 will do.

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  2. berger1980

    berger1980 Newbie

    No one knows, Sprint has no clue, Samsung knows, but are not telling anyone anything specific. Sit back, relax, and root it till then.
  3. TheRH

    TheRH Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Well I know this, I like the phone a lot, so I guess it will be even better. :)
  4. NYdroid33

    NYdroid33 Member

    Yea I tried asking someone at sprint today and they were clueless... shock!
  5. kahale

    kahale Android Enthusiast

    best place to to get info on 2.2 update is on their twitter pages. sprint and samsung. sprint reps don't know anything especially the store reps.
  6. NYdroid33

    NYdroid33 Member

    yea but its crazy how they dont research it like we do and give us answers like we give eachother on websites like this one. You go into Sprint and you know more than they do. I dont know if thats because they dont want to give answers on things not yet released or because they really have no clue. It seems like as long as you have sales experience, Sprint doesnt care if its sales team even knows how to power a phone on.

    And to qualify as a tech person all you need to know is how to read directions, perform factory data resets and say "It's not Sprints fault."
  7. kahale

    kahale Android Enthusiast

    true but its the same with all wireless carriers. sales and reps don't know anything except for what they are told to do by their company. that's why they get confused about any question outside of the companies policies and they tend to make something up if they don't know. i don't blame them they are only doing their job and have to follow company policies. but they shouldn't bs if they don't know anything. they should ask their techs for help.
  8. TheRH

    TheRH Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Anyone hear anything yet?
  9. Kmfiremedic111

    Kmfiremedic111 Well-Known Member

    Everyone else will be on 2.3 or higher when we finally get 2.2
  10. TheRH

    TheRH Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    True but 2.2 is a pretty big leap from 2.1. At any rate does anyone know what the difference are from 2.2 to 2.3?
  11. Kmfiremedic111

    Kmfiremedic111 Well-Known Member

  12. beezie916

    beezie916 Newbie

  13. Kmfiremedic111

    Kmfiremedic111 Well-Known Member

    That was all just a bunch of techy mumbo jumbo to me. I don't have a rooted phone. Do you need to have a rooted phone to do it or is there just a certain app you need to have from the marketplace?? Please help.
  14. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Android Enthusiast

    Yes, you need a rooted phone.
  15. Jim3

    Jim3 Lurker

  16. GuidingArrow

    GuidingArrow Lurker

    Well since I've recently talked to some sprint reps and had them contact techs who are experts on the andriod phones who then contacted whoever is in-charge of\higher up than them I though I would post a quick update.

    From what I got back the Samsung transform won't be receiving andriod 2.2 froyo until next year. The closest I got to an actual time was "beteen January and March". Since it was clear that I would not be getting 2.2 I exchanged my phone for the Samsung epic, which I am much happier with (I had to pay the difference of course).

    In short don't expect the update for 2.2 to be released anytime soon.

    I got all of this information around the 15th of December.
  17. CTB6

    CTB6 Member

    Wow, what a surprise. :mad: I bought mine under the assumption that any Android update would be vaporware for the Transform, so at least I'm not overly disappointed. But it would be nice to get an update and only be 1 OS behind instead of 2. Overall, though, I'm still enjoying my phone so far, esp for the $49 I paid and no BS monthly surcharge like I would have had to pay for an Epic in my non-4G location.
  18. eddiesox

    eddiesox Member

    I know this is kinda putting the cart before the horse because at the moment we dont even have 2.2 but any guesses as to what our chances are of getting gingerbread are?
  19. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Android Enthusiast

    It's comparable to being put into a snake pit of 50 black anacondas and betting you'll live. So in lament terms... It would take a miracle from god for us to get 2.3 officially on our Transform, but porting 2.3 is an option for coders out there who like haxsung haha.
  20. eddiesox

    eddiesox Member

    Thanks for your less than optimistic opinion. just kinda makes me angry that we have a decent set of hardware but won't be able to take advantage of it. Thank you samsung/sprint. >_<
  21. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Android Enthusiast

    Haha don't worry bro, we got Vampirefo and Shiftr182 on SDX Devs. maybe they'll get a build of 2.3 for us in the coming months. I have faith in the SDX community, they're currently working really hard on the Froyo build based off the Samsung Captivate, and the bug fixes are almost all complete! Be happy we got such a great community of people making this phone better :)
  22. eddiesox

    eddiesox Member

    thanks for the info. Just a little hesitant to root my phone while it is still under warranty. Knowing my luck I will brick the damn thing.
  23. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Android Enthusiast

    Look for a guy named 'wwJoshDew' on Youtube, he made a great and easy video on how to root your Samsung Transform, he helped me root mine.
  24. DCFLGuy

    DCFLGuy Lurker

    Just posted a thread about this.
    Per a Sprint Cus. Svc. Rep. about a week or so, ago, Sprint NOT getting 2.2 for Samsung Transform. Just got my Transform, called with a question, then found that out. Needless to say, I'm pretty disappointed.
  25. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Android Enthusiast

    Whatever you say, there's more Samsung and Sprint people saying it will get released, and Sprint already made an email to all Sprint reps. that if anyone asked about the Transform's 2.2 being done soon they're supposed to say 'No but it will be done in due time' or something to that extent.

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