When is your prime time?


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We all live in different parts of the world. When is your prime time to be on the forums? We all go on throughout the day but we have a prime time to reply and post.
Mine is first in the morning, 6:30 am us eastern and then after work at 7:00 pm us eastern.
In the am just checking out and quick replys and posts, the pm is for more indepth posts and replys. During the week I check in throughout the day. The weekends I could care less and have to be outside having fun and living life.

What about you?


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Probably anytime from getting up (9/10am) till about 3 pm (going to work) then after 10.30 pm till around 1am.... Also will post at work from time to time, if not post, definitely read a few posts if it's not too busy, or management don't come in :p


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I am pretty random posting wise but am usually connected in some way from 6:30 AM - 11:00 PM EST Monday through Friday. I don't do much on the weekends though that may change in the winter. I deal with PM's 24/7 if I hear the notification in my sleep.


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i guess we are all alike, first in morning and then in mid day and then evening time. just in different time zones.


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Or on different shifts (DH is a second-shift worker). Then you have the stay-at-home types, like me, who are just all over the place. ;)


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I usually arrive when the bandwidth is too slow to play internet porn....


Beats me man, it's always a different time. :D


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Oh yes - British ******** Telecom cut off my phone line for the weekend - that kept my activity right down :(




I work two jobs. I have AF for lunch and I'm always on after nine PM central till midnight.. one.. two.. three... Just depends on what's happening.


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Now, trying to spend a little less time on here then used to, to do more things around house, with wife, and just being outside more.