Help When on a phone call, display goes blank black. How do I turn that off?

I am on a Samsung, A32 5G phone.

I answer a call, or I make a call, I then place the phone into Speakerphone mode from within the phone app. I expect to be able to mash the end-the-call button at any time, instantly... but a few scant seconds after I've started the call, it decides to completely blank the screen to black... which also prevents me from being able to instantly hit the end-the-call button, and prevents me from being able to glance at the screen, at all times, to remind myself who I'm talking to again.

This is hugely aggravating. I have the general screenblank duration set to 30 minutes, and I've got the phone app set to Smart stay: Keep the screen on while you're looking at it.

How do I set the phone to never, ever blank the screen while I'm on the phone? And ideally, how do I set it to behave that way, regardless of how I'm holding, or not holding, the phone?