Help When possible to take "Motion photos" with Samsung Note 10?

When is it possible to take photos with Samsung Galaxy Note 10 / Android 10 so that they can be shown as "Motion photos" ?
On my Note 10 sometimes the function/feature is there, sometimes it isn't.

The manual only says "Motion photos: Set the device to take a video clip for a few seconds before tapping . This allows you to capture a moment you might have missed. To view the video, tap the preview thumbnail and tap View motion photo. To capture a still image from the video clip, tap the screen to stop playback and tap Capture. This feature is available only in Photo mode"

And, of course, I have only tried to find this out when using "Photo mode", but I can't get grip of it...


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
it is the second icon at the very top of the camera next to the filter icon (the wand looking icon)

just click on something you want to photograph and it will record a video just a few seconds before and after you snap to take the photo.