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When someone sends me a picture message, I can't see it in full size

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by RoarOfZonda, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. RoarOfZonda

    RoarOfZonda Member
    Thread Starter

    So when someone sends me a picture + a message in one text, I click on the picture but it actually opens up the whole bubble which includes the message too.
    So if someone sends me a picture of a kitty and says "my cute little kitty", when I click on the picture of the kitty, it actually opens up the whole bubble which includes the text + the picture. And I really don't like that.
    I checked my friends Sprint GS3 yesterday and when I send him a picture, all he does is tap on the picture and the picture pops open in full size. But I have the AT&T version of the S3.
    Does anyone know a fix to this??? It really bothers me because if I really want to look at a picture I have to save the picture, go to gallery, and look at it from there. I really hope there's a fix.

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  2. Heisenberg123

    Heisenberg123 Android Enthusiast

    Mines like yours im on Rogers
  3. RoarOfZonda

    RoarOfZonda Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm hoping there is a fix to it. Because my friends S3 on Sprint when you tap on the picture, the picture goes full screen on his phone. I don't think Sprint and AT&T have a different software? I mean they're both running Android 4.1?
  4. quickaudi

    quickaudi Android Expert

    As a workaround, have you tried Handcent or ChompSMS to see if they do the same thing?

    Also, have you cleared data and cache for the Messaging app?
  5. RoarOfZonda

    RoarOfZonda Member
    Thread Starter

    I haven't tried any other messaging app, I might give it a try and see how I like them. I really like the original Messenger app but I'll give something else a try.

    and I don't think clearing data and cache would benefit me since I had to factory restore my phone 2 weeks or so ago anyways
  6. goldbondmafia

    goldbondmafia Newbie

    Has anyone figured this issue out? Every time I open my photo it doesn't open the full photo but just the box with the text like op mentioned so weird. I have to save every pic to see it in regular size
  7. MasterCylinder

    MasterCylinder Well-Known Member

    My Verizon version switches to a picture about 20% the size of the screen with video control buttons underneath and then the "picture" plays for 5 seconds. This is pretty lame. One should be able to 1 click a full screen picture! Instead, you have to save the attachment, bring up the home screen that has your Gallery icon, open it and search for the picture and then click. Bummer.

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