When Will Google Resolve Wifi issues in Android

After every update there are issues in Wifi, after 2.3.4 update my wifi completely broke and I had to flash to 2.3.6 from odin

No matter what i try, I am not able to connect to my office wifi (even after downloading advanced config app and enterprise settings etc etc)

My friends brings his Iphone to office and simply enters his login credentials and password and connects to wifi, its frustrating (not to mention the boasts of iphone 'it just works')

Has anyone got any idea if this is resolved in 2.4, do we have the facility to enter our corporate login credentials and connect to wifi.


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What phone do you have? I have never experienced any problems with WiFi, so it must be a problem on your phone or the ROM you are using.


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You did not understand my point, my Wifi is fine. I am able to connect to wifi at my house and public Cafes.

I was pointing out that Android does not support Enterprise Wifi, where you connect to your company wifi for eg with your company login credentials. This is important feature which is missing from Android.


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Can you specify exactly what you mean by Enterprise wifi? I work as a consultant in many enterprises and unless they're doing Radius server or something like that, most of the time it's a simple connection to a WPA2 network, and then authenticating via a web log in page.


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The only thing closest I can imagine to what you are talking about is the WiFi where you have to log-in. I simply connect to that WiFi, open a browser (Boat Browser), and I am asked to log in my credentials.
Enterprise WiFi means not using your home netgear or linksys router.

Using the Bigboys such as: Aruba, Meru, Ruckus, Motorola, Cisco, Areohive, Xirrus, etc.

And ADARSH5678 is correct. I work as a consultant for one of the companies mentioned above, and even when tweaking the wifi to the lowest settings to resemble a home environment, some Androids will still have issues. This is common with all enterprise wifi vendors.

I've found the best way to resolve this is by enabling an option called "Best Performance Wifi" (found in your advanced wireless settings). There will be a message that is will consume more power.
Make sure this is enabled if you want enterprise WiFi


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Thats odd. On my university wifi i just login on a web page. Then again, that might be the Cisco access points just changing the way you authenticate, since it treats you the same as a Mac OS/Linux PC.