when will the unlocked desire be back in stock (US)


JR and some other reputable retailers were selling the Desire for $549.99 not long ago. Now they are all out of stock.

When will it be back? :thinking:

I've been waiting two weeks, with cash itching in my hand.


Android Expert
99% of the people here are based in Europe. Why don't you email the shops in question and ask? They'll have a much better idea. And incidentally, didn't you post one of these yesterday too?


check onthegosolutions.com or networkingrus.com; they have both the US 3G versions (Telstra, A8183) and the non-US 3G versions. the canadian cell provider Telus is selling a US/at&t 3G compatible version as well. if you have some friends in Canada, you might be able to get one for $600/US or less. i'm debating (with myself) to sell my at&t nexus 1 and get the Telus version. :)