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When will Xvid/.avi container get API access of Android framework? This is insane!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hakujin, May 25, 2010.

  1. hakujin

    hakujin Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I just don't get it. Android is 'open'. Yet google doesn't provide codec support to the de facto mpeg4 container of the last 6-7 years? How is it that my antiquated WinMo 5 SDA can play back xvid, and my new smartphone can't? WTF Google, who cares... u don't have a vested interest in your codecs right? Microsoft does, yet their handsets can play xvid.

    Fudge converting to mp4/aac. imo, that's nonsense and a waste of both time and resources.

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  2. DarkManX4lf

    DarkManX4lf Well-Known Member

    Are there any apps on the market place that will play xvid / divx / avi ?
  3. hakujin

    hakujin Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    i think there's one based off what i read in another thread, but it's extremely laggy and slows the fps considerably.

    seems silly really. the moment supports .avi container, and many have stated positive results w/ xvid playback so obviously a workaround exists... but wonder why is this even necessary. it's like for all these years xvid has been so taboo, but it seems largely unfounded and for the wrong reason. one can find a great deal of illicit mp4 content, more so can convert said content to mp4... so why do folks at google and apple make us bother w/ their nonsense politics. just support this ubiquitous and venerable format. well, i understand apple's logic... they are just a bunch of pole smokers but google... more restricted in this respect than microsoft platform?

    xvid codec is probably the most dominant open source web video format right now for download (in the US) and has been for some time. i say 'for download' so as not to confuse w/ king of the hill flash/flv.

    what blows my mind further is the collective working on transcoding solutions instead of a native player. again, what am I missing? if the crappy devs at samsung can get it done, why not the open source community?
  4. hakujin

    hakujin Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    anyone have any idea why whatever software used to playback on moment can't be replicated on the Hero so we can finally have some .avi goodness?

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