Apps Where can I find resources to learn developing android apps.


Which is the best resource to learn and develop Android based application. What is the language used to develop android apps?


Well, while it is quite intimidating for a newbie, the veterans are totally right that your primary resource is:

Android Developers

That has everything. Work through the tutorials as much as you can. It will help you get your feet wet.

There are loads of other good books and tutorials, etc. Now after having got myself off on the path I am (and unable or unwilling to change) I think I would have focused on one resource that is still free. O'Reilly is putting together a Learning Android book and it is still in "beta" so to speak. So it is free:

Learning Android

He based this book on his boot camp training. Cool enough, the entirety of one of those is on YouTube. So you get to double your money for free:

Android Bootcamp Screencast Series - Marakana

Now, in my opinion, these are the best things to focus on, but learning styles are personal. If these don't work at all, feel free to whine and I will post other stuff I have found. Certainly there is something to fit most anyone's taste.

Happy coding :)