Dec 3, 2009
Simple question really, I'd like to replace my wall paper and the ones with the phone are not to my liking. What are your faorites or do you know of any Android ready, Moment sized, wall paper website galleries that I can browse?
Best way is to get pictures from Flickr.com.

Just navigate to the site on your phone, search around for a picture you like, select the picture, it will take you to the photos details page, select the picture again and it should take you to a page where you can select the size of the image you want displayed, click on "original" you want the resolution to be as high as possible. If the photo is really large this will take awhile to load. Once loaded, long press on the photo till a menu pops up, save image, after its done downloading view the image, the phone will resize it, then hit "menu" above the optical pad, and select "set as" then "wallpaper" then crop to fit and enjoy.

Hope this method helps!
I'd say the best way is to download Backgrounds. It's a free app with hundreds (or thousands?) of wallpapers, organized into a ton of different categories. You can also search for what you're looking for. Most of them seem to be pulled from people's Flickr/Photobucket accounts. Backgrounds will also keep track of the recent wallpapers you've been using, so it's easy to find an old one if you want to go back to it.
Both suggestions above are much easier than my suggestion, and "background" app actually does what I suggest, however, it doesn't have enough selection for me personally.

Also while the 640x480 is the perfect fit for the screen, I find that the image still degrades when I put it as a wallpaper, this is just my own personal observation from tests I have done. If you are not to stickler for image quality then that would work great.
Zedge is my favorite app for wallpapers.
I tried Zedge, but the selection of wallpapers didn't appeal to me. But their big advantage is that they have a huge selection of ringtones. But I will, for now, stick with Backgrounds as my Wallpaper app.