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Where can we find this amazing app?

Discussion in 'Android TV' started by faoit, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. faoit

    faoit Active Member
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    Dec 22, 2011
    EShare Server/Client

    EShare Demo2 Part 1/2 - YouTube

    EShare Demo2 Part 2/2 - YouTube

    This app is embedded into some tv-box android firmware as this one:
    BBK BitTorrent Certified Box

    With EShare app, you can wirelessly stream any files on your Android phone or tablet, or iPhone, iPod or iPad as a touch mouse, air mouse and keyboard for the TV.

    With EMyLive module in EShare, your moblle phone or tablet becomes a wireless camera, you can put your Android phone or tablet anywhere you want to watch and you wlll see the live video on your TV.

    Key features of EShare application suite:

    Supports any DLNA certified software on Android, iOS or Windows

    Stream any file (audio, video, photos, MS-Office documents, txt, pdf, apk... etc.) from Android phone or tablet to TV

    Use your Android or iOS mobile device as a touch mouse, air mouse, keyboard, touch pad and remote control for the TV

    Stream video and audio from your Android phone or tablet to your TV
    Mirror Android mobile device screen to TV

    Slide show from Android mobile to TV

    With Airplay and Airport Express service you can stream music, photos and video wlrelessly from iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to TV


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    Jul 5, 2010
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