Where did my clock go?

So I got the update last night, and I lost all my custom savings. All my contacts are gone. LOOKOUT app backup readded them. Did the synce and got all my facebook info back. It keeps bring up "sign-in error for denverjoe04@youtube.com has failed and asks for the password, and never signs me in..dont believe that has anything to do with the missing clock. I can only add a stupid anolog clock..does the new 2.1 not have the digital one with the weather like the 1.5? Do I need to download something in Market?


Pull the battery without turning off the phone first, that should make them show up in the HTC widgets when you turn back on.


Wow denverjoe i am going through the same thing. Did you loose a ton of widgets too, especially the htc ones? Oh I tried taking out the battery with the phone still on and no change. Idk about you but my front screen feels empty.