Aug 21, 2022
I use a Bluetooth keyboard from Logitech generally using Hungarian QWERTZ

I have tried three keyboards two of which give the wrong character for "shift + 1", but a third does it correctly

- Samsung Keyboard wrong "!"
- Gboard wrong "!"
- External Keyboard Helper (Playstore app) right "'"

"shift + 4" on all keyboards produces "!", which is right

This leads me to think that:

- the Logitech keyboard may not be at fault (because the Playstore app works okay with it)
- Samsung and Gboard look to be at fault: why produce the same character with two different keystrokes?!
- Gboard might be using the mapping set by Samsung

I have the same problem on both S10+ and on Tablet S7

Are there any files I could check? Google and Samsung don't want to know about my problem