Where have I been? Does the G1 support A2DP?


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What is the final word on this? Maybe I am really late in asking .. though I have had no use for the profile until recently. I have seen some good deals on stereo BT headsets, so I figured I would try it out - though most threads on the subject go back to late 2008 when it was not supported.'

I am looking at The MOTORKR S9 BT stereo headset.


Carl C

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Hi GodMode ,

Yes the G1 does support bluetooth Stereo {A2DP} but you'll have to see if it's compatible with the Hardware you want to buy :) I would recommend visiting a store to see if you can test it out somehow before you purchase it


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Thanks, Carl. I went to Best Buy and saw a few headsets. Specifically I wanted the Motorola ROKR A9, or whatever it was called (it escapes me at11:40PM, sorry!). I guess I will have to convince them to open one up if they want the sale. They are only $50, anyway. Thanks again!


I'm listening to my G1 running Android 1.6 on MOTOROKR S9 headphones right now. It sounds stereo to me (phone call audio is left ear only).