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where have my downloaded files gone?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by GrannyButtons, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. GrannyButtons

    GrannyButtons Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I clicked a link to download a PDF file, it said in the notifications that it was downloaded, and it opened when I clicked on the notification link.

    However, now the notifications have gone I can't find the file. Where do downloads go?

    I'm new to all this, as you can guess - thanks :)

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  2. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven ...eschew obfuscation...

    Welcome to Android Forums GrannyButtons.:)
    If you open your app drawer, you should see an icon for downloads.
  3. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member

    Hi there and welcome to the forums! You might have an app in your app drawer called "downloads" where you can find it. If not, then if you have a file browser app you can look in the downloads folder.

    Hope you enjoy your time here!
  4. johngw43

    johngw43 Newbie

    Yes, exactly what the above 2 said....
    Better yer, go to Google Play store, get ES (THRONGS?) FILE BROWSER, or ASTRO file browser. Open it and scroll down to your "DOWNLOAD" folder (not download'S). Open download folder and there it will be. Just click on it, install, open.

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