Where is Country Code Stored in Android 4.1.1


This is more of a programming Q than anything and I was not sure where to put it, so mods please feel free to move to the right area.

My boss has a Samsung Galaxy SIII phone running V 4.1.1 Android. All is well with the phone except the country code is set to PPC which is causing some grief. He has reset the phone to factory defaults several times and the country does not change, nor doe he have the ability to change it.

He was on the phone with Samsung tech support for half an hour and they acknowledged the issue, but have no fix (There are several others having the PPC problem according to Google).

So where is the country code stored on the phone? I have access to the files and should be able to modify the file to the correct country. I just need to know where to look.

Any help appreciated.


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On my Verizon S3 it's located here:

App drawer / Phone / Menu key / Call settings / Assisted dialing

It should be On (green). Just tap the text 'Assisted dialing' to enter the Assisted dialing menu and change the Country code and other preferences.

If you tap the Reference county above 'set details' you will get a country list to choose from, or just tap Country code and enter the code manually.


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Didn't work so he downloaded a Cyanogen mod. Once it was installed it came up asking him to enter email address and set up the unit. When it came to country code, it had PPC already entered.

So the value is not held in the ROM at all. :mad: