Apr 8, 2010
Since I recieved the update my phone memory has been going down rapidly. From a fresh reboot, it has ~90m available going by the ATK I have installed. I run the ATK a few times a day, each time it drops by about 10m. By the end of the day it's got about 60m, once it was down to 30m. These numbers are AFTER running the ATK. I tried the cleanoid app from the same people that has the ATK it clears all the memory, but it basically does a reboot without turning the phone off, is this bad for the phone? Before the update it would't drop below 80m for a whole week using ATK without cycling the phone off then back on. Any advice?
Mine normally hovers around 30 MB free, and runs perfectly fine without a task killer. It does that by design. RAM usage has little to no affect on battery life.