Help Where is USB Debugging Checkbox?


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I want to run Titanium Backup. My unit is rooted and I've installed the app. When I try to run it, it directs me to "tick the USB Debugging checkbox" under Setings>Applications>Development. However, I do not have a Development menu item under Applications. Is this something I need toworry about? Can the checkbox be found elsewhere?


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Oh it's in there alright. If you use LauncherPro you can long click on the Home screen, choose Shortcuts, Activities, Settings, Development. That'll put a shortcut on the Home screen that lets you into Debugging Mode. Stay Awake & Mock Locations.

But as I said, if you go into Titanium, then Preferences you can turn off "Warn if no USB debug" as it's irrelevant - Titanium will still work fine.