Aug 27, 2012
Quick question everyone... In the data and sync section in settings, you have the option to sync app data and people details. Now I read up on them after they were synced, but can't seem to find out how to access them through my google account online.

As in, it's easy enough to find gmail and calendar data, but I couldn't find anything for app data or people details. Any thoughts would be great!
Google Voice is where I can see all my contacts that are saved to my Google account. I don't know if you can access your contacts without signing up for a number and all that, but you can try. It's easy to sign up anyway and it's free.
[EDIT] I think you can just go here: https://www.google.com/contacts
Hey, thanks... I don't have anything synced with GV but am still curious where to access the other data. I won't lie, I'm still even a little iffy on what they even mean in the first place... People details and app data I mean.
Did you try that link I posted for people details? They should be there.
And I don't know what they mean by app data either. I guess you can see a list of apps you have on your phone and a list of apps that you've installed here: https://play.google.com/apps