Where to buy unlocked GSM Hero?


Other than ebay, where can I get an unlocked hero? I know there's a site called 'puremobile' or 'purephones' or something... there was a site that I was on yesterday that had unlocked Hero's for $520 which is a perfect price but I can't seem to remember where that was. :(
I bought mine from a guy off Howards forum but its more than $520 from what I have seen they seem to be selling out the ones with US 3G. Import GSM has them also. PM me if you want the guys email.
Puremobile.ca, SelectGsm.com, Easycell.ca, Omegacell.com are all good places from this part of the world. Since you in North America, you could get one from BestBuy or Futureshop on Telus and then just unlock it on eBay...