which android phone should i get

1.huawei ascend
2.lg optimous m
3.samsung forte-to come soon
or wait for the other rumored metro pcs android phones:)
It depends on what type of person you are. Are you a techie or someone who has to have the latest gadget?

I am, I have a Samsung Galaxy Indulge on pre-order for pickup tomorrow. I feel that the phone is #1 the best thing available on metro at the current time. I had an Optimus M for a while and liked it. I however took it back and got a refund because I knew a 4G android would be out soon and just figured I could stick it out and wait.

If you can wait it out a few more months until some newer 4G android comes out I would say try and do that. Dont get me wrong, the Indulge is a nice phone and I will be getting one, but I was expecting a little better specs and something that feels solid not "plasticy" for $400.


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Depends. The Huawei Ascend is good for a cheap price. The LG Optimus is actually one of the better phones in my opinion. I guess this depends on if you prefer to be spending more, Or just getting your foot in the door. I do not recommend getting the Samsung right now as it will lower in price by March. (According to a Metro Pcs representative I use for all my mobile needs.) I recommend the Optimus if you want to spend little for a phone now, It will resell easy and you'll be able to get back most of your money to fund a new android when it comes out. ^( '-' )^


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Depends on if you want to get 4g speeds or not. If you do, then you'll find that the Samsung Craft is pretty reviled. At least that's my impression. I'm gonna get me an Indulge today. I have the Ascend now, and it is extraordinarily slow when surfing in public. Excrusiatingly, awfully, horribly terribly slow.


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That said, I really like the Ascend otherwise. The internet issue is with the system, not the phone. If the headset jack wasn't defective on the Ascend, it would be a near perfect phone IMO. But the 4g issue coupled with the headset issue were deal breakers for me. My daughter is excited waiting for her new Ascend......


I went with the optimus m, it's a fantastic phone. My wife has the ascend. I skipped the galaxy indulge because I don't think its worth 399


I personally like the oprimus m....the wife has the galaxy indulge and I DO NOT like it. Even if it does have 4g. The down side is that they both came with 2.2.1 installed so no rooting for me....at this time.


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Always get the fastest and the best. I have the ascend. And I've always wished I had the 4G LTE. Tethering with the ascend is a real pain.