Which Android smartphone to buy


Apr 3, 2022
Hi all,
I am brand new to this forum and need your expert advice on a new smartphone. Which Android phone would you recommend for mostly calls/texting/navigation usage with:

- reliable updates/security for at least 2-3 years
- long battery life at least 24 hours
- NO bloatware
- price point - lower the better but <$400

I do not care for/use:
- camera
- download/watch movies/music etc

Google pixel 4a 5G was optimal from what I gathered but it has been discontinued. Pixel 6 is overkill for my use and even pixel 5a 5G is over the top. Motorola Edge 20 Lite seems a good fit but how reliable are their updates?

Any and all advice much appreciated! Thanks.
Agreed. Motorola's going to frustrate you with updates (or lack thereof). Actually, any sub $400 phone will not be supported all that long. As for bloatware, if performance is your concern, most modern phones won't show any degradation from installed bloat and most have enough storage so you can ignore it. If it's privacy, then you can revoke permissions for all those apps and most can be disabled if not completely removed. But, if you want less bloat and more updates, then it's a Pixel hands down. Unfortunately the 6 does not hit your price point and battery has been a sore spot with the plain 6 (not so much the Pro).

Are you simply shopping, or is there an urgent need?

Who's you carrier? Right now AT&T has some pretty enticing trade-in deals, if you're willing to go that route.
If it's available where you live, the Nokia X20 might suit - 3 years security updates and 2 android versions, plus it's a 2022 phone. Mine was GBP 250, but it's now GBP 299. should be under $400.
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You can look on Amazon for unlock phones, might give you more options than what the carriers offer, which is going to be Apple, Samsung , Google and Motorola