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Root Which apps can I safely remove from the Photon?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vinnmann11, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. vinnmann11

    vinnmann11 New Member
    Thread Starter

    Aug 14, 2011
    Sprint likes to ship with too much bloatware. Now that I have my phone rooted, there are about 270 files in the system/app folder. Is there a definitive list for the Photon of what each app is, what it does, and what happens if removed. I have seen lists for other phones, but not the Photon.


  2. Citizen Coyote

    Citizen Coyote Well-Known Member

    Aug 12, 2011
    Austin, TX
    Here is a list, courtesy of the devs over at XDA (I did not come up with it). This does not say what things do (although most are pretty obvious), only provides a list of things that are safe to remove.

    Sprint Music
    Sprint TV/Movies
    Sprint Wallet
    Sprint ID
    Sprint Worldwide
    Telenav GPS Navigation
    Rich Location

    Some additional apps that are "safe," although you might lose some functionality if you remove the ones in bold.

    AdService 1.0
    blur.res 2.3.4
    BookMarks Widget 2.3.4
    Books 1.3.4
    CarDock 1.0
    com.motorola.photowidget 2.3.4
    Entertainment Center
    Facebook Authenticator
    Fingerprint Sensor
    Flickr Autenticator
    Forest Wallpaper
    FOTA 2.3.4
    Help Center
    Home Screen Tips
    LastFM Authenticator
    LinkedIn Authenticator
    Magic Smoke Wallpapers
    Media Share
    Music Visualization Wallpapers
    Myspace Authenticator
    News & Weather
    Orkut Authenticator
    Phone Portal
    Photobucket Authenticator
    Picasa Authenticator
    Print to Retail
    Quick Tutorial
    Rich Clipboard
    Rich Location
    Setup Wizard
    SIM Contacts
    SIM Toolkit
    Skyrock Authenticator
    Social Messaging
    Social Messaging Service
    Social Networking
    Social Sharing
    Social Status

    Sticky Note
    System Portal
    Task Manager
    Toggle Widgets
    Twitter Authenticator
    Voice Commands
    Voice Readouts
    Voice Search
    Webtop Connector

    Again, I did not create this list, so if you want to thank someone, thank newalker91 and ravenstarr of XDA. :)
  3. busted bones

    busted bones Well-Known Member

    Dec 19, 2010
    Shipping and Receiving Manager
    Theres a finger print sensor on this thing?
  4. Citizen Coyote

    Citizen Coyote Well-Known Member

    Aug 12, 2011
    Austin, TX
    That struck me as odd, too. I'm guessing it's a holdover from the Atrix (which does have one), the phone the Photon most closely resembles in functionality.
  5. VegasRooted

    VegasRooted Member

    Sep 22, 2011
    Here are the apps that I deleted from the Photon 4G so far with no notable problems, using Titanium Backup after rooting: (Make sure you back up your original rom first!!)

    IMPORTANT REMINDER: As you remove each app with Titanium Backup, remember to WIPE DATA for EVERY app prior to removing that app...and then when you are all done stripping everything out, reboot to your recovery and clear your Cache and your Dalvik Cache!

    Admin Notifier 2.3.4 (AdminFeedNotifier.apk)
    AdService 1.0 (com.motorola.android.mobad.service)
    Android Live Wallpapers 2.3.4 (com.android.wallpaper)
    **NOTE: Removing the following three Bluetooth apps DOES NOT affect streaming bluetooth phone or audio at all; I still do both between my Photon and my car stereo, and between the Photon and bluetooth earpieces. Removing these three ONLY affects bluetooth sharing of files with computer, etc.)**
    Bluetooth Share 2.3.4 (com.android.bluetooth)
    BluetoothDun 1.0 (BluetoothMot.apk)
    BluetoothFtp 1.0.0 (com.motorola.bluetoothftp)
    Bookmarks Widget 2.3.4 (com.motorola.bookmarkswidget)
    Books 2.3.4 (com.google.android.apps.books)
    Calculator 2.3.4 (com.android.calculator2) *I use RealCalc from the Market*
    Cardock 1.0 (com.motorola.cardock2)
    com.motorola.android.wmdrm.dla 1.0.0 (WmdrmDla.apk)
    Com.motorola.blur.home.wimaxscan 2.3.4 (WimaxScanWidget.apk) *This is just the 4G Scanning Widget, I still use the 4G On/Off Toggle Widget*
    com.motorola.photowidget 2.3.4 (com.motorola.photowidget)
    com.sprint.internal (SprintService.apk) *F/C upon removal, but OK after battery pull & reboot*
    Contacts Sync 2.3.4 (BlurContactsSync.apk)
    ContactsData 2.3.4 (ContactsData.apk)
    Data Collection 1.0 (com.motorola.datacollection)
    Data Collector Service 1.0 (com.motorola.blur.datacollector.service)
    Data Collector Provider 1.0 (com.motorola.blur.provider.datacollector)
    Data Manager Service 1.1 (DataManagerService.apk)
    Date & Time 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.home.clock)
    Desk Home 2.3.4 (com.motorola.dlauncher)
    *NOTE: I would recommend NOT removing "Device Information Provider 1.0"; without it you will not be able to download PRL & Profile updates from Sprint*
    Device Statistics Services 1.1 (com.motorola.devicestatistics)
    DLNA 0709.69 (com.motorola.Dlna) *F/C upon removal, but OK after battery pull & reboot*
    DlnaSystemService 1.0 (com.motorola.android.dlnasystemservice)
    DRM Protected Content Storage 2.3.4
    Facebook Authenticator 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.provider.facebook)
    Fake Blur Xmpp 2.3.4 (FakeBlurXmppApp.apk)
    Files 2.3.4 (com.motorola.filemanager)
    Flickr Authenticator 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.provider.flickr)
    FM Radio 2.3.4 (com.motorola.motofmradio)
    FMRadioService 2.3.4 (com.motorola.android.fmradio)
    Global Unplug 1.0 (com.motorola.globalunplug)
    Google Backup Transport 2.3.4 (com.google.android.backup)
    Gmail *I use the Photon's stock email client to handle my gmail & corporate email accounts; it has better zoom features than the Gmail app, and it's push time is nearly identical to the Gmail app's...)*
    Help Center 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.helpcenter)
    Home Screen Tips 1.0 (com.android.protips)
    HSTcmd 2.3.4 (MotHstcmd.apk, com.mot.hstcmd.ui)
    HTML Viewer 2.3.4
    InPocket 2.3.4 (com.motorola.inpocket)
    IPSec VPNs 1.0
    Kpi Logger Service 1.1 (com.motorola.kpilogger)
    LastFM Authenticator 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.provider.lastfm)
    LinkedIn Authenticator 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.provider.linkedin)
    Live Wallpaper Picker 2.3.4 (com.android.wallpaper.livepicker)
    Magic Smoke Wallpapers 2.3.4 (com.android.magicsmoke)
    Manage Sim Card 2.3.4 (SimManager.Apk)
    Market Feedback Agent 2.3.4 (com.google.android.feedback)
    Master Clear Error Reporter 2.3.4 (com.motorola.android.recovery)
    MediaSync 1.0.0 (com.motorola.mediasync)
    Messages 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.home.message) *Won't affect text or mms messaging*
    Motorola Dock Service 1.0 (com.motorola.dock.service)
    Motorola Indexing Service 2.3.4 (IndexingService.apk)
    Motorola Storage Monitor 2.3.4 (StorageMonitorService.apk)
    Music Visualization Wallpapers 2.3.4 (com.android.musicvis)
    Myspace Authenticator 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.provider.myspace)
    My Uploads 1.5.13 (Media Uploader.apk) **Only removes Picasa upload option in Gallery app**
    NASCAR 0.2 (com.handson.h2o.nascar09)
    News 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.news
    Orkut Authenticator 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.provider.orkut)
    Phone Portal 2.3.4 (com.motorola.android.phoneportal.androidui)
    Photobucket Authenticator 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.provider.photobucket)
    Photo Editor 2.3.4 (com.motorola.android.PhotoEditor)
    Picasa Authenticator (com.motorola.blur.provider.picasa)
    Policy Manager Service 2.3.4 (PolicyMgrProvider.apk, com.motorola.blur.policymgr.provider)
    Policy Manager Service 2.3.4 (PolicyMgrService.apk) *F/C, after battery pull & reboot is OK*
    Print to Retail (com.motorola.photochannel.android)
    Quick Contact 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.quickcontact)
    QuickSms 2.3.4 (com.motorola.quicksms)
    Rich Clipboard 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.richtext) *F/C, after battery pull & reboot is OK*
    Rich Location (com.aloqa.me.client_modules.android_sl)
    Search Applications Provider 2.3.4 (ApplicationsProvider.apk)
    Setup Wizard 1.3 (com.android.setupwizard)
    Skyrock Authenticator 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.provider.skyrock)
    Sim Contacts 2.3.4 (com.motorola.android.simcontactadapter)
    SIM Toolkit 2.3.4 (com.android.stk)
    Social Messaging 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.socialmessaging)
    Social Messaging Service 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.snmessaging.engine)
    Social Networking 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.friendfeed)
    Social Sharing 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.socialshare)
    Social Status 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.home.status)
    Sprint ID 1.5.35_Moto (com.sprint.w.installer)
    Sprint Mobile Wallet 1.5 (com.sprint.smps)
    Sprint Music Plus (com.sprint.android.musicplus2033)
    Sprint Radio (com.mspot.android.music.mspotradiosprint)
    Sprint TV & Movies 1.0 (com.mobitv.client.sprinttvng)
    Sprint Worldwide 1.0 (com.sprint.international.message)
    Sprint Zone SZ_2.5.11 (com.sprint.dsa)
    Sticky note 2.3.4 (com.motorola.stickynote)
    Suggestions 1.0 (com.motorola.blur.provider.suggestions)
    Suggestions Core RuleChecker Service 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.suggestions.rulechecker.core)
    Suggestions Poll Scheduler Service 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.suggestions.scheduler)
    Swype (com.swype.android.inputmethod)
    System Portal 2.3.4 (com.motorola.android.phoneportal.androidui) *F/C upon removal, but OK after battery pull & reboot*
    Talk 1.3 (com.google.android.talk)
    Task Manager 11.0 (com.motorola.PerformanceManager) *F/C upon removal, but OK after battery pull & reboot*
    Tasks 1.0 (com.motorola.blur.tasks)
    Telenav GPS Navigator 1.0 (com.telenav.app.android.sprint)
    Terminal Emulator 2.3.4
    Twitter Authenticator 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.provider.twitter)
    Universal Inbox 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.messaging.universal) *Won't affect text or mms messaging*
    Video Editor Lite 3
    Voice Commands (com.nuance.android.vsuite.vsuiteapp) *F/C upon removal, but OK after battery pull & reboot*
    Video Editor Lite (com.arcsoft.videoeditorlite)
    Voice Readouts 2.2.1 (com.motorola.readout)
    Voice Search 2.1.3 (com.google.android.voicesearch)
    VPN Services 2.3.4 (com.android.server.vpn)
    Vtt-Sprint (Visual Voicemail) *Using Google's voicemail service instead, that way there is no running app in background*
    Weather 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.weather)
    Webtop 1.0 (com.android.portal)*F/C upon removal, but OK after battery pull & reboot*
    Webtop Connector 1.0 (com.motorola.android.WebtopSession)
    Windows Live Hotmail Authenticator 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.provider.windowslivehotmail)
    WmdrmPushReciever 1.0 (WmdrmWebpush.apk, com.motorola.android.wmdrm.webpush)
    World Clock 1.0
    Yahoo Contacts 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.contacts.sync.yahoo)
    *CRITICAL: DO NOT remove "Yahoo Mail Authenticator"; that will break your Contacts app*
    YouTube Authenticator 2.3.4 (com.motorola.blur.provider.youtube)

    Anyways, be sure to make a CWM backup of your stock ROM before stripping, and I would suggest making a copy of your stock System/App folder prior to stripping and put it on your SD card so that you can re-add system apps if you want to use them later. (Like adding your SIM card management apps back when you travel overseas, etc...)

    Enjoy! :)

  6. thedov

    thedov New Member

    Sep 26, 2011
    Crap! I accidently removed Yahoo Mail Authenticator and I lost access to my contacts. Is there anyway to restore functionality without wiping the phone? I pulled the app from my wifes phone and moved it back to the system.app folder of my Photon, but it won't let me reinstall it.

    Please help!!!
  7. VegasRooted

    VegasRooted Member

    Sep 22, 2011
    Yes you can restore the Yahoo Mail Authenticator app like you said; take the copy of it from your wife's phone, then use Root Explorer to put it in the System/App folder. Then, you will need to long-press the app, select "Permissions", and change the app's permissions so that the only (four) blocks checked are Owner Read & Write, Group Read, and Others Read. Remove checks from any of the other blocks. (Basically, you are setting the permissions to match all of the other apps in the System/App folder...) Select "Ok" and then reboot your phone; the app should be reinstalled successfully! :)


  8. phenixdragon

    phenixdragon Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2010
    I made the mistake of deleting apps, which I did back up with Titanium Backup but it won't restore. Will someone be nice enough to send me the apk and odex files for the Social Network app and the Moto Music app?
  9. pacard

    pacard New Member

    Nov 29, 2011
    Android newbie here. Rooted.

    Need a little help. I accidentally either froze or uninstalled (titanium backup) the process that makes the kickstand's launch display the clock. Anyone know which one affects the kickstand?

    Thanks in advance!
  10. pacard

    pacard New Member

    Nov 29, 2011
    Readers be warned. What some are calling bloatware may be central to using your phone.....like having the phone RING when a call comes in!

    Can someone help with this or what I posted above? anyone?

  11. PhotonSnake

    PhotonSnake Member

    Oct 12, 2011
    How do I get rid of all bloatware and keep the files necessary to use the voicemail app that comes stock?
  12. crosspatch

    crosspatch Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2012
    I just recently rooted and installed TB. Rather than removing the default crapware that used to drive me nuts, I just freeze them. I realize this doesn't recover the space they WASTE, but I'm afraid of having problems with future system updates (if any). Yeah, I could restore but I'd rather keep it simple... and safe.

    Any idea what "SprintOmaDm" and "Sprint Installer" are?

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