Accessories Which battery should I keep?

I just got a replacement EPIC from Asurion, and it came with a new battery. It's a generic battery with Sprint branding on it, but it is 1520 mAh instead of 1500 mAh. Also, the fact that it's probably a fresh battery means that I should be seeing better battery life; but I don't want to jump to conclusions just yet.

Does anybody know which battery I should use? I've had my old one since the end of November.


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Umm..both? :) Get you a Seidio or similar charger that allows you to charge a loose battery and swap out as needed. It's nice to always have a fully charged battery laying around.


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A used lithium battery will perform worse than a new one.
After about a year they always seem to give noticeably bad performance.


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My friend last year did a replacement with Asurion and kept the original battery (so he returned the phone without a battery, and now have 2 batteries on hand). He didn't have any problems...
Keep the original battery, since Asurion gets their after market batteries from the cheapest supplier they can find, they generally are made in china and will not last long.