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Which CPU based tablet will be hit in the coming future

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by heeer, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. heeer

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    Sep 16, 2010

    Sep 16, 2010
    android based Tablets have been hot for several months.
    in the early of this year after Apple released Ipad, there are several versions of tablet in the market.
    1. VIA 8505: Eken, flytouch. It is the lowest price tablet in the market, running android 1.6 system. It is the most selling in the market. Everyone is willing to try at several pennices.
    2.Rockchip 2808 apad, www.wiipad.us slim , moonse m70003, it is the second released android based 1.5 system. Buyers were excited to get the android based tablets in the first place, but after playing it for sometime, they realized that ROCKCHIP is not a fullfill products at all. Slow speed,short battery life, dark screen, screen fell off, charger problem etc. As ii know, A factory got 40% returns among 6000 pcs. Damn. Now Rockchip 2818 with android 2.1 is coming, the factory is eager to throw away the stocks into market, so in sangda market( shenzhen tablet PC centre) , there are only two wholesalers are selling it. it is the end of rockchip.Rockchip2818 will save itself? who knows? If i were the manufacturer, i will never have confidence on it.
    3.There are many rumors about Cortex A8 CPU products, As an android tablet fan, i went to almost every Cortex A8 design company, i was vey much disappointed about them. As we know, as a product, stability is the most crucial .But None of them is. No market, No 3G, No g-sensor, No HDMI port, Wifi function. Will these unstable dominate the market? You and your penny can decide.
    4.Telechip8902 like Wiipad:Google android UMPC iPAD , wiipad slimplus ,HSG. There are three design companies are doing it. But only one company has the most stable prouducts,In the early of August , it released 2000pcs to the market. So far, there is few returns and claims from buyers.
    I can say in the 7


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