Which device should i upgrade??

I am looking to upgrade either my tablet or my smartphone. I know they are both fine- even great- devices, but I want to upgrade one of them because i love getting new toys.

-My 2013 moto x is customized with motomaker and i absolutely love it. I would, however, like a larger screen. I am considering upgrading it to the new 2014 moto x.

-My 2013 Nexus 7 is also an awesome device, but again the screen is small for many of the tablety things i do with it. I am considering upgrading it to the Sony XPeria Z3 Tablet Compact which is BEAUTIFUL looking!

Any thoughts regarding the two potential upgrades? Which would you choose?


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Hi broccoli_tea, welcome to the site!

I moved your thread to the Device/Carrier Comparisons forum :)

Do you use one more then the other? I'd upgrade the device I spend the most time using.