Help Which dpi edition of an apk should I select?


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I need to download some apk from apkmirror website for my phone. The question is what dpi edition of that apk I should select for my mobile phone.

Is the edition with 'nodpi'? Or a proper edition strictly according to the dpi value of my mobile phone?

Thank you in advance.


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The 'nodpi' designation is just a non-specific identifier, it applies to any device.
Quote below from apkmirror's FAQ

DPI: screen density, measured in dots per inch. Each device has a certain DPI metric, and some APKs are optimized for specific DPIs.
  • nodpi: APKs marked nodpi, or not marked with any DPI-related info at all, are meant for all devices.
  • 120, 160, …, 640 dpi: these APKs are meant for specific DPIs only. See the next several questions for more details.


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As I don't know what phone you've got and what DPI value it is, I say try the various DPIs until you find one that installs and works correctly on your device. If in doubt, use the "nodpi" one might be aright.
Okay, I see. The 'nodpi' edition should work for my device.
The resolution of my device is 1080 x 1920 pixels. The display size is 6 ". So, I think the dpi should be 367.