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Which game do u like to play the most???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rahules, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. rahules

    rahules Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Well, i myself enjoy playing games like :
    Project INF
    Drag racing
    Fruit slice

    What are your favourites???

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  2. insane_subro

    insane_subro Well-Known Member

    Currently Playing Sandstorm !!
  3. akshaybz

    akshaybz Android Enthusiast

    Assassin's Creed
    Cut the Rope
    Doodle Jump (1.6.6 lags a lot :( )
    Robo Defense
    Angry Birds
    Moron Test
  4. prakashp

    prakashp Newbie

    Angry Birds is favorite.
    Others I have are:
    3D Bowling
    Lane Splitter
    Dragon Fly
    Basketball Shots
  5. prakashp

    prakashp Newbie

    Couple of addictive multiplayer (on same device)

    2 Player Reactor
    Glow Hockey 2
  6. insane_subro

    insane_subro Well-Known Member

    Play Dead Space superb simply awesome !!
  7. sunil90

    sunil90 Android Enthusiast

    DeadSpace (Doesnt work now..idk what happened)
    Angry Birds
    Assassin's creed
    HAWX (yeah works but with lag..really awesome game)
    RT2 (sometimes forcecloses)

    Google the HVGA versions ..Happy gaming
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  8. insane_subro

    insane_subro Well-Known Member

    Bro HAWX Apk.. I have the cache.. Upload and update HD games for us all !! Appreciate it ! Dead space from my thread working perfect, Shuts occasionally though ! I have played till level 8.
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  9. sunil90

    sunil90 Android Enthusiast

    google the links yourself, sorry no piracy in forums ;)
  10. -)!Sharang!(-

    -)!Sharang!(- Newbie

    Fruit Slice,
    Moon Chaser,
    Speed X 3D,
    Angry birds RIO,
    Yo Ninja,
    Glow Hockey 2 etc.
  11. animator011

    animator011 Newbie

    where to downloads all this games crack version...........
  12. manish9009

    manish9009 Newbie

    fruits slice
    you ninja
    raging thunder

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