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Which is the Android Champ amongst Champs? (The best 4G Mobile Phone out there

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Okay-66, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Okay-66

    Okay-66 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    The best 4G Mobile Phone out there…including those coming out in 2011.

    Which is the best GSM smartphone (3G and 4G) out there? Include all phones that have been announced for year 2011. Consider manufacturer, carrier and the quality of the ‘machine’.

    (NOTE: I have been disappointed by my current “snail speed” smartphone carrier (AT&T) and the unhelpful manufacturer/distributor Samsung. This summer, I want to move on to a new GSM 4G smartphone. To the quality folks in this forum, please contribute to the discussion.)

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  2. Mitchturbo

    Mitchturbo Well-Known Member

    HTC Desire HD :0) For the power and speed plus SD card slot and HTC sense. Runs 2.2 out of the box
    Google Nexus S: For the power and speed plus first to receive android upgrades but alas no SD card slot. Runs 2.3 out of the box.
    I'm also liking the Motorola Defy, very sturdy phone, life proof, but only on 2.1 at moment.
    Samsung Galaxy S: Like the Nexus S but With the SD card slot and 2.1 out of the box. A bit too plastic and light for my tastes but its another great phone ;)

    That's my Imput for now :)
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  3. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Android Expert

    The entire 2011 lineup blows all of your listings out of the water...

  4. Mitchturbo

    Mitchturbo Well-Known Member

    Well yeah, of cause it does... That's android for you, but I was talking about great phones I have personally played on bar the Nexus S... I can't really recommend any future phones because I would always be recommending people to wait till the phone after that, and then that phone and then that phone... The Android and smart phone technology is moving way too fast atm... so I would stick with my choices till a lot later in the year lol by then Android may be running on 4.4 ect...

    It's crazy out there lol :)
  5. rkkeller

    rkkeller Android Enthusiast

    I like the EVO still but have not see any 2011 phones.
  6. Left Coast DJ

    Left Coast DJ Android Enthusiast

    The smartphone life-cycle, especially Android ones, is something like 6 months now. So you're almost guaranteed that when you buy a particular phone, rumors of the next greatest phone are already circulating.

    In 2011 smartphones will become like computers. Don't worry about hardware, screens, CPU speeds, etc. Just buy the phone that suits your needs and customize your phone with the apps that fit those needs.
  7. Epicurean

    Epicurean Android Enthusiast

    Which is the best 2011 phone? That is a very subjective question and it depends on what you're looking for. What are your minimum requirements for a phone?

    1. Does it have to have a physical keyboard? Some would not consider a phone without a keyboard and some would not consider a phone with one.

    2. How much memory? Some phones have minimal memory (like the new EVO Shift), but can expand to 32 GB.

    3. How big does the screen have to be? Some like big like the EVO, some do not.

    4. What if it's a great phone but on a lousy network? I see you've ruled out AT&T already.

    5. What if it's a great phone but supported by a lousy manufacturer? You ruled out Samsung, but they're not the worst. They just sold the most so they get the most complaints.

    Usually, once you answer all these kinds of questions, 1 or 2 phones will stand out and you can look for threads that compare them. More than likely, you'll be looking for a Motorola or HTC on Verizon or Sprint. VZW service plans cost a little more but they edge out Sprint on coverage/reliability (ymmv depending on where you live).

    Also, FWIW, it's kind of pointless to wait for the next super-phone, unless you're just looking forward to when your current contract expires. Just get the best phone you can get and learn how to maximize its potential. (since you're asking these kinds of questions I get the idea that you'll be doing that anyway)

    Edit: it's also pointless to consider a phone that still hasn't been released as any kind of "champ". You never know when a new phone is going to be plagued with bugs rendering it useless to most people until it is patched. So when picking the "best of the best", it's best to go with something that has a proven track record.
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  8. Okay-66

    Okay-66 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Much appreciated. I was enticed by the Nexus S but shied away from their lack of external SD. With people carrying so much data (music, video, etc.) around, what were the designers thinking? I am puzzled!
  9. Okay-66

    Okay-66 Newbie
    Thread Starter


    The Motorola Atrix is something I am dreaming about. Hope it is suited with Android 2.3 or latest version! But, it seems it will be on the AT&T network. I currently have ATT and don't think their network is ready for primetime 4G. They keep sending out information saying they are on a faster "new 4G". What a joke!
  10. Okay-66

    Okay-66 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks and I appreciate your help. these points are good and they are in my analysis.
  11. mrsbelpit

    mrsbelpit Android Enthusiast

    That's really the only reason I will be staying away from the Nexus S. I'm flummoxed as to why there is no sd card. :/

    I really don't see how anyone could comment on how great a phone is until it actually comes out. There are some really nice specs on the devices coming out in the coming weeks and months, so I would definitely wait a little bit before buying a phone. But as was said earlier, you will be waiting forever if you want the latest and greatest android.
  12. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Android Enthusiast

    I like my Motorola Flipside....qwerty and touchscreen and is fairly sturdy.

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