Which one is better? Lg optimus l9 (4.1.2) or lg optimus f3 (4.1.2)?

I'm stuck on which one to choose!!! Help!!

I want to know the between l9 & f3

- battery life
- camera quality (front & back)
- speed and zippiness (if it lags or not)


I have the F3. Battery life is freakin awesome. Camera is okay, not great. But I appreciate that there isn't much shutter lag. And it's quite snappy.

I've never owned the L9 but I've played with it. I vaguely remember it as having a slower camera (don't remember IQ) and being comparably snappy.


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I would take a look at the LG F6 also, it is newer then both of those mention. It looks like a pretty decent phone!