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Which Optimus does Sprint have?

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by Fratman, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Fratman

    Fratman Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I just bought an Android phone, it's an Optimus, but when I go to the phone section there are 13 different Optimus phones. Which Optimus does Sprint support?

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  2. rambo47

    rambo47 Well-Known Member

    Sprint carries the Optimus S.
  3. jen8112

    jen8112 Android Enthusiast

    Don't download the new update! F-ed up my phone!
  4. CarrieK

    CarrieK Android Expert

    Jen is right...apparently the new update is causing some new issues. Was supposed to fix the "sd card bug" but people who have not had those issues are now reporting that they are having them. If you plan to root or are rooted already, do not accept the update either. On the AC forums there are ways to silence then nag so you won't be bothered by notifications any more.

    As for the Optimus S itself, it is a great phone. Lol, well worth what I paid for it, which is $0 ;)

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